IILM concludes 7th International PRME Conference

New Delhi: Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi’s, address at the Annual Meeting of FICCI Ladies Organization in 2013 inspired Mrs Malvika Rai, Chairperson of IILM, in her capacity as FLO President, to showcase the achievements of many unsung women entrepreneurs from different states, cultures, and socio-economic strata who have achieved success against all odds. The objective of showcasing these success stories is twofold – the first is that these women would act as an inspiration and as role models for others from similar backgrounds and the second, is to provide a platform for these women achievers to help build their business through various avenues such as access to banking facilities or venture capitalists from new markets for their goods and services.

This year IILM identified 46 women from rural areas who have become entrepreneurs despite adverse circumstances and have made a difference in their family, community and village. And out of these 46 women, ten women were honoured in the conference. All these women showed up an indomitable spirit of enterprise and were able to scale up their business to newer heights and work beyond themselves to create social impact.

An introduction to these women
1. Kusumlata Gangwar is a teacher in a primary school. She took over the failing nursery business of her husband and collaborated with planters from nearby cities. She began delivering the plants to schools and then to government offices. Her business has gained interest from retailers and buyers. She has purchased a mini-pickup van for her nursery. Her nursery is called ANURAJ NURSERY and provides employment to five other women.

2. Shazia Quaiser was born in Bhagalpur, Bihar. She has a degree in Physiotherapy and Hospitality Administration (P.G) and also works with WHO and UNICEF. She opened Revival Shoe Laundry. It was first Shoe Laundry opened in Bihar. Revival Shoe Laundry provides services such as repairing, cleaning and freshening shoes and other leather product like jackets, bags etc. She was recognised by the Bihar Government for her initiative and presently a member of Bihar Industrial Association.

3. Shabnam Khatun worked on construction sites and roadside as a labourer but due to her son’s illness and her husband’s accidents she was compelled to move to Delhi for medical assistance in AIIMS hospital.

4. Rekha was born and brought up in the streets of Abhaypur village, Gurgaon. She could not complete her studies. Rekha began stitching and tailoring from home to supplement her husband’s regular income. Through her advertising skills, she managed to attract enough customers and now she earns enough to maintain her household.

5. Mukesh is from Abhaypur Village situated in Gurgaon. She studied till 10th grade and excelled in her studies throughout. Mukesh started a beauty parlour at home and earns a decent income to feel self-reliant. She is extremely proud of her business and has numerous future plans to expand to add more avenues of income.
6. Neetu Sharma is a resident of a small town in Kannauj. She is running her stitching business since 1995. She studied till 10th standard and after that she got married. She provides stitching and alteration services to her customers. Her mother was a constant source of inspiration in starting her own business. She is now an inspiration and role model to other women.

7. Shifa has no formal education and training. The traditional business of her family is pot making and she is taking it forward. She has faced numerous challenges in her business. Despite of numerous challenges she managed to run her business smoothly. One of the biggest problem is availability of raw material (clay) and her husband was a big support in arranging raw material.

8. Ms. Vibha Pandey is from Nadi Nidhaura in Uttar Pradesh. She runs an Institute of Dancing, Singing and related activities She challenged the problem faced by orthodox society and transformed it into an opportunity to start her business.

9. Ms. Sheetal is from Chittorgarh, Rajasthan. Later she shifted to Gurgaon. She managed to capture the essence in her hand made decoration pieces and garden pots, inspiring a lot of others to do so as well. Sheetal has a love for these items and earns her living from the same.

10. Ms. Kamlesh is staying at Ghata Village in Gurgaon. A few years back with support of her husband, she started selling milk of cows and buffaloes. Due to her commitment and determination, she managed to overcome all challenges and prosper.

These stories of grit, determination and innovation are so inspirational not just for women but for each one of us.

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