IIM Amritsar inaugurated the seventh batch of MBA program and the first batches of MBA Human Resources and MBA Analytics

Credibility comes based on values, reminded Prof. Nagarajan Ramamoorthy, Director IIM Amritsar, during the inaugural.

New Delhi: The seventh batch of the MBA program and the first batches of the MBA Human Resources and MBA Business Analytics programs were inaugurated on July 10, 2021, in the presence of Shri Sanjay Gupta, Chairman, BoG of IIM Amritsar, Prof. Nagarajan Ramamoorthy, Director IIM Amritsar, Prof. Pavneet Singh, Chairperson Admissions and Prof. Pankaj Gupta, Chairperson MBA.

Batch Demographics

The seventh batch of MBA and pioneer batches of MBA Human Resources and MBA Analytics comprise 274 students altogether. The success of an MBA program depends on the diversity it provides. Against this backdrop, the new batch presents a rich blend of students with work experience and freshers, with 58 per cent of the new batch having industry experience. Additionally, 38 per cent of students coming from diverse academic backgrounds will aid the richness of case discussion in the class. The batch also provides rich cultural diversity by representing entire India in the batch with a maximum of 48 students from Maharashtra. Six students from the Punjab region have also joined the new batch.

Inaugural Messages

Shri Sanjay Gupta, Chairman, BoG of IIM Amritsar, graced the inaugural ceremony as the Chief guest. Extending his warm greetings, he acknowledged their efforts throughout their academic journey, right from their school years to acing CAT leading to their admission in India’s premier B-school. Shri. Gupta reminded the students that even though this might be their last school, learning never stops in the industry. He said, ‘Learning can circumvent the challenges of the times that we live in. Also, the best way to learn is to experience with an open mind.’ He addressed the importance of working hard and enjoying the process by keeping it simple. Drawing on an analogy of arranging a successful family dinner, he highlighted the need to apply micro-detailing in case studies at a B-school. He asked the students to leave their baggage behind and allow the institution to shape them. Shri. Gupta emphasized the vitality of acquiring strong interpersonal skills and enriching themselves by reading outside the curriculum. In the end, Shri. Gupta said that we must be patriotic and work for our community because those who do not possess these qualities fail sooner or later.

Prof. Nagarajan Ramamoorthy, Director – IIM Amritsar, congratulated students for securing a seat in the program and extended his warm greetings to everyone present. Acknowledging the newly inducted batch of MBA Human Resources and MBA Analytics, Prof. Ramamoorthy said that the institution is working on new initiatives to cater to the industry requirements. Reminiscing on his earlier years, he said that it was an intense encounter when he received his offer letter from XLRI, Jamshedpur, 37 years ago. He said, “This is not the end but just the beginning.”

In his message to the new batch, he said all of them should strive to be known for the right reasons. He emphasized hard work, work ethic and optimal usage of time. He also reminded the students that credibility comes based on values. To explain this point, he shared that one of the most painful experiences is related to managing people with a lack of integrity. Therefore, he asked the students to grow as ethical, successful leaders who would make a name for themselves and make their Institute proud.

Prof Pavneet Singh, Chairperson – Admissions, extended a hearty welcome to the incoming batch of 2021-23. Congratulating the students on their success in getting through IIM Amritsar, he informed the students that IIM Amritsar ranked sixth among all IIMs in terms of student interest in joining an MBA program. Prof. Pavneet admitted to the students that he earnestly tried to find the best among the applications and expressed his confidence that only the best could make it to IIM Amritsar. He urged the students to actively seek out growth opportunities inside and outside the classrooms and handed over the batch to the MBA Chairperson.

Prof Pankaj Gupta, Chairperson – MBA, welcomed the batch and expressed his delight at attracting more curious and bright students to the Institute. The MBA chairperson informed the students that Term – I classes would begin from July 15 immediately after preparatory sessions currently in progress. He also told the students that the preparatory sessions would get them ready to cope with the rigour of the MBA program. He also said that the course curriculum of the MBA program is yearly updated and caters to industry preferences. Lastly, he urged the students to be open to change and learning and hoped to witness contributions that would make IIM Amritsar a better institution.

Message from Alumni
Mr Arvind Singh Bakshi, Gold Medalist from the 5th MBA batch, also addressed the students and assured them that hard work and rigour would be worth the effort. He gave the students three pieces of advice – To never be afraid of learning and competition, to have trust in the faculty of IIM Amritsar and to be inspired and inspire others.

Message from the senior batch
Ms Yashita Pruthi, a second-year student of the MBA 06 batch, remembered how exactly a year ago she was in the shoes of the incoming batch. She said that she had become a better, confident and responsible version of herself at IIM Amritsar. IIM Amritsar has showered her with plenty of opportunities, be it in sports, culture or management. Ms Yashita conveyed that her two takeaways from the first year of MBA are hard work and punctuality and wished the students the best.

Message from the new batch
Ms Sohini Bhattacharya of MBA 07 presented a small poem depicting her journey to IIM Amritsar and hoped for the best two years of her life and vowed to reach great heights along with Institute.
Mr Abhishek Dogra of MBA 07 expressed his excitement to participate in the upcoming committee and club elections and hoped that although the journey is new, it will be beautiful.

Ms Soumya Sharma hosted the inaugural event, and Mr Rohit Solanki of MBA 06 extended the Vote of thanks.

Indian Institute of Management Amritsar is a premier business school with a mission to impart quality management education. The Institute is consciously expanding its programs to cater to the diverse needs of the community, state and nation. All the programs of the Institute are focused on learner-centric pedagogy to groom socially conscious leaders for tomorrow.

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