IIM Amritsar introduces a new program in Data Science and Business Analytics

Amritsar : IIM Amritsar has launched a new program titled the Post Graduate Certificate Program in Data Science & Business Analytics (DSBA) from 2022. This new program provides an avant-garde curriculum focusing on the required tools and techniques to formulate, analyze and find solutions to business problems. The program intends to upskill the young minds who have a zeal to excel in this field in upcoming times when the demand for skilled professionals trained in data science and analytics will further increase. The program’s off-campus and face-to-face aspects further add a niche as an added benefit when one compares the plethora of online offerings already in place.

This one-year program is designed especially for young graduates with up to 2 years of work experience who aspire to develop analytical thinking and decision-making skills. The program will be delivered predominantly offline at the IIM Amritsar campus. During the 12 months of the program, participants will develop foundational to advanced understanding of these fields using in-demand tools and techniques, case studies, and capstone projects.

Prof. Nagarajan Ramamoorthy, Director IIM Amritsar, said that he is committed to providing quality education opportunities for everyone, including the students of Punjab. He said that by learning 21st-century job skills, the students could find attractive job roles in the industry. About the DSBA program, he said that this had been designed to prepare students for various data science-related roles, much in demand from the industry. He also reiterated that IIM Amritsar has been expanding its offerings to grow human capital. ‘While we launched our EMBA program for working professionals for career progression, change of function and industry last year, we are offering this new program to enable entry of fresh graduates in the industry. Fresh graduates can apply for the DSBA program until March 15, 22 and working professionals can apply for the EMBA program until January 31, 2022.

According to Prof. Shuvabrata Chakraborty, the program coordinator, “increased data generation, methodological developments for superior data handling, and advancements in computing power and storage capabilities have led to a massive surge in the use of analytics. Since the demand for data science and analyst roles is only projected to increase in the foreseeable future, the need for relevant upskilling and specialization has become more important now than ever before.” He also mentioned that, although several programs offer such skills online, we realized the importance of physical classes, especially for young graduates looking to develop foundational to advanced understanding of these fields using hands-on training with in-demand tools and techniques.

Prof. Ankit Sharma, the other program coordinator, stated, “Technological advancements are now reshaping how businesses operate. The availability of real-time data, data analysis tools, along with the knowledge and right skillsets, will significantly impact how businesses operate. Data and abundance of real-time data is not the oil; rather, how one processes and makes futuristic sense out of that data becomes the oil for the innovative endeavours.”

Due to the growing need for data science and business analytics, IIM Amritsar has offered a postgraduate certification program in data science and business analytics for the young graduates who plan to advance their careers in this stream.




Application Submission (Last Date) March 15, 2022
DSBA Aptitude Test (DAT) Date April 17, 2022
Online Interviews May 09 – May 13, 2022
Admission Offers (Start Date) May 20, 2022
Registration & Orientation July 04, 2022
 Classes Start Date July 05, 2022
Classes End Date June 24, 2023

* Tentative and subject to change


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