IIM Bangalore’s Indian-Japan Study Centre to host webinar titled ‘Sekai ga Odoroku Nippon! The Japan that Surprises the World’

Bengaluru: The Indian-Japan Study Centre (IJSC) at IIM Bangalore will be hosting its next talk in the seminar series: ‘Tatsujin – Speak’ on August 14 (Friday), 2020, at 11.00 am. The webinar titled, ‘Sekai ga Odoroku Nippon! The Japan that Surprises the World’, will be led by Dr. Sandeep Goyal (MBA, PhD, FMS Delhi; Harvard Business School, OPM alumnus).

Dr. Goyal, current Chairman of India Advisory Board of Snapchat, is a well-known author who has published six books including ‘Japan: Konjo – The Fighting Spirit’ and ‘Japan Made Easy’. He was also the India (and Middle East) joint-venture partner of Dentsu Inc, and a former Group CEO of Zee Telefilms.

The India-Japan Study Centre (IJSC) was set up as a Centre of Excellence at Indian Institute of Management Bangalore to serve as a facilitator for many collaborative initiatives among academia, industry, and the government agencies between India and Japan on various areas of mutual interest.

IJSC’s lecture series called ‘Tatsujin -Speak’ or ‘Expert-Speak’, aims to bring high-quality information and insights about select areas of India-Japan interactions to the informed and interested members of the public, and also lead to sharing of the key indications and developments in the fields of management, technology, culture, etc. Each invited speaker would be an outstanding personality in their specialized area of expertise and experienced in translating the specifics of their knowledge into more general terms.

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