IIM Bodh Gaya conducted a webinar as a part of their series “Entrepreneurs Talks

Gaya : On 14th October 2020, Envision – The Entrepreneurship Cell of IIM Bodh Gaya conducted a webinar as a part of their series “Entrepreneurs Talks”. This time Ms. Lakshmi Chaudhry, the first women entrepreneur in the series, was the speaker.  She is the founder of ‘Splainer Media’, a newsletter website. Ms. Lakshmi has prolific experience in the field of digital news start-ups. She has also founded and co-founded startups such as Broadsheet Daily and Firstpost.com respectively.


As the status of startups in India is improving, with over 27000 startups recognized in February 2020, the session served as a great insight to know more about startups. The USP of her startup is the presentation of news as an experience. She talked about news as an industry and the viability of startups in the same.  She further shared her personal experience in the above-mentioned ventures.


It was quite an interactive session with equal participation from students. Startups being a fairly new concept, students had a lot of questions. This helped them get a clearer picture of the industries’ competitors, marketing strategies, expansion plans, and challenges faced by ‘Splainer Media’. The session came to an end with a Q&A session followed by a vote of thanks from the Chairperson of E-Cell, Dr. Medha Srivastava.