IIM Bodh Gaya hosted webinar with Dr. Francesco Grigoli

As the new term has commenced in IIM Bodh Gaya, the webinars have also resumed. To continue the series, The Economics Club hosted its first-ever webinar with Dr. Francesco Grigoli as a guest speaker.

Dr. Grigoli is an economist at the World Studies Division in the Research Department of the International Monetary Fund. He is a former consultant at the World Bank. He, also, is an adjunct professor at Georgetown University, Washington DC.

He is the author of books such as Drivers of Labour Force Participation in Advanced Economies and World Saving. In the webinar, he discussed ‘The Great Lockdown’ a chapter in World Economic Outlook, April 2020, an IMF publication.
The paper provides insights into the nature of the economic crisis during the lockdown, uneven effects of lockdown which widened the gender inequality gap, and lockdown may have an overall positive impact on the economy.

The session proved to be an eyeopener and helped the students understand the deeper impact of lockdown. Dr. Grigoli cleared doubts and misconceptions that students had. The event ended with a vote of thanks from the faculty mentor, Economics Club, Dr. Tamali Chakroborty.