IIM Bodh Gaya inducts 496 students into its MBA and PhD programs


IIM Bodh Gaya initiated its Orientation Programme on July 5th, welcoming a diverse cohort of new students. IIM Bodh Gaya inducted total 496 students including 302 students into the 10th batch of its flagship MBA programme, 92 students into its second MBA-DBM programme, 91 students into the second MBA-HHM programme, and 11 scholars into the Ph.D. programme in the orientation program from 6 to 7th July 2023.

The new MBA Batch includes 302 students, including 73 female students. Among these, 101 students have an average work experience of 22 months. The batch comprises 53.16% engineering backgrounds and 46.84% non-engineering backgrounds. The MBA-DBM programme welcomed 92 students, including 18 females, with 23.1% coming from non-engineering backgrounds. The MBA-HHM programme added 91 students, including 15 female students, with 83.5% representing non-engineering backgrounds.

The Ph.D. programme admitted 11 new scholars, including 5 females, in areas such as Finance, Operations Management, Economics, Information Technology Systems and Analytics, Marketing, Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management, and Strategy and Entrepreneurship. The academic backgrounds of these scholars include Marketing, Commerce, Economics, Computer Science Engineering, IT, Operations Management, Mechanical Engineering, Operations Research, and Psychology.

The student cohort comprises individuals from various disciplines, including Engineering, Arts, Commerce, Accountancy, Management, Banking, Mathematics, Statistics, Physics, Life Sciences, Biotechnology, Hotel and Tourism Management, Agriculture, Horticulture, Pharmacy, Law, and Architecture. This diverse composition reflects IIM Bodh Gaya’s commitment to academic and gender inclusivity and diversity.

The Orientation Programme began with a performance of Vedic chanting and a Bharatanatyam recital of Ganesh Vandana, setting a vibrant tone for the event. Distinguished speakers addressed the students, sharing valuable insights during interactive sessions.

Dr. Vinita Sahay, Director of IIM Bodh Gaya, warmly welcomed the new batch, emphasizing the institute’s focus on fostering mindful and socially responsible business leaders. The chief guest, Mr. Sanjay Kumar Agarwal, Sr. IAS, Secretary – Agriculture & Transport Dept. Govt. of Bihar, encouraged students to define their purpose, stressing the importance of aiming high.

Mr. Kamal Nath, CEO of Sify Technologies, discussed the impact of AI on industry, noting that the rapid changes driven by AI have widened the gap between acquired skills and demanded skills, urging students to prepare for future challenges. Mr. Siddharth Satpathy, Vice President, HR – Talent and Culture at CAMS, highlighted the significance of adaptability in the evolving job market, echoing Mr. Nath’s views on the importance of bridging the skills gap.

Mr. Vivek Jha, Head, Strategy & Operations at Global Drug Development, Novartis India, emphasized resilience, referring to the strength and inspiration derived from resilient individuals in families. Mr. Sunil Thakur, Partner at Quadria Capital, distinguished between professional and entrepreneurial talent, pointing out that professional talent hones skills while entrepreneurial talent helps discover them.

Mr. Gautam Kumra, Senior Partner and Chairman – Asia at McKinsey & Company, emphasized that the context of competition is more critical than the methods employed. Mr. Abhishek Ranjan, Sr. Director & Global Head at Brillio, shared insights on personal growth, describing transition as a lifelong journey rather than an instantaneous change.

The first day concluded with a cultural event, “Novicia 3.0,” showcasing the talents of both existing and new students through dance performances, poetry recitations, and singing, creating a celebratory atmosphere.

The second day featured sessions by Mr. Navneet Nilendra, International Art of Living teacher and wellness coach, who linked the quality of life to the state of one’s mind. Prof. Pankaj Kumar, Associate Professor at Pamplin College of Business, Virginia Tech, advised students to choose their battles wisely and maintain composure. Dr. Neeta Nagar, Managing Director – Client Account Leadership at Accenture, emphasized proactive problem-solving, encouraging students to drive solutions rather than merely adjust.

The Orientation Programme concluded with faculty members providing students with valuable information about MBA policies and various committees presenting their activities, ensuring that students are well informed and prepared for their journey at IIM Bodh Gaya.