IIM C-Business leaders across the country connect with their alma mater to reminiscence about their life at IIMC in ‘Nostalgia 2017’

Kolkata: The Various alumni chapters of Indian Institute of Management Calcutta recently held their annual congregation Nostalgia 2017. Various batches of successful alumni across cities attended formal get-togethers and inspiring discussions at scheduled venues. The current batch of students of IIMC joined in the event and got the opportunity to meet with the distinguished alumni who are now high ranking business leaders holding various esteemed positions in the country.

The top business schools across the country have been dispersing their students through summer internships as a means to establish good connect with the Alumni across the country and beyond since decades. However, Indian Institute of Management Calcutta, the oldest IIM in the country, has been following a unique way of doing this where a congregation of esteemed IIM Calcutta alumni across cities in India, Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai and UK meet to celebrate the annual alumni meet and successful professionals and entrepreneurs whose journey started from the hallowed halls of IIM Calcutta.

Shubham Ranka, the current Alumni Secretary, Indian Institute of Management Calcutta commented “Apart from finance, IIM Calcutta is famous for its unique student culture where the bonding between the batches reaches an entirely new level. We have been leveraging the same culture to establish a better connect between the current batch and the Alumni. Even the Alumni who graduated 30 years back enjoy the inter hostel rivalries which continue till date.”

Nostalgia 2017 witnessed the students and alumni engaging through sessions of reminiscence and live music concerts. Alumni across batches were present to share their journey after graduating from IIM Calcutta. Stories about success, failure, regrets and lessons learnt were exchanged giving a plethora of experiences for the new-age business graduates to learn from. Further, dinner table conversations echoed of happy memories of friends reunited. Students and alumni alike returned with the happiness of having experienced Joka again amidst their busy lives.