IIM Calcutta and IIM Calcutta Innovation Park announces new course for Entrepreneurs in Partnership with Hughes Global Education


New Delhi: Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Calcutta and IIM Calcutta Innovation Park, today announced the launch of Startup Readiness, Growth and Education (S.U.R.G.E): An Entrepreneurship Programme in partnership with HUGHES Global Education India, a majority owned subsidiary of Hughes Network Systems, LLC (Hughes). Delivered over the Hughes India interactive online learning platform, the new programme focuses on helping budding and young entrepreneurs manage their businesses through the heady, but tough, early phases.

Bringing in a unique blend of multi-disciplinary learning, the six-month long premium education programme introduces professionals to various aspects of business and helps them get the right mindset, skills and knowledge for a successful venture. Designed for entrepreneurs, it entails a unique ‘capstone project’ where participants will create their business plan using tools and concepts covered in the various modules of the course and present it to a panel that will include venture capitalists.

Commenting on the collaboration, Professor Suren Sista IIM Calcutta said, “India has seen a surge in entrepreneurial ventures and start-ups over the last decade, inspiring a new breed of young, budding entrepreneurs across sectors who are ready to conquer the world. However, one in every three businesses fails and often because of reasons that could have been avoided if some basic tenets had been followed. Therefore, it’s important for young individuals to learn the basics and prepare for the unexpected. The emphasis of this course is towards providing a 360° view of entrepreneurship and to ensure that students get a strategic outlook to managing problems.”

Anurag Bansal, Senior Director, Hughes Global Education said, “We are delighted to partner with IIM Calcutta on the new S.U.R.G.E. entrepreneurship programme that is geared to better prepare and enable the next generation of young professionals ready to embrace the dynamic entrepreneurship ecosystem in India. Available in 70 classrooms in more than two dozen cities, the programme is delivered over the Hughes Interactive Onsite Learning platform using live, interactive, real-time, two-way video. The course is taught not just renowned faculty but also with inputs from multiple stakeholders to provide in-depth and real-life paradigms. This ensures that the dynamic and comprehensively structured programme delivers maximum value in the shortest possible time.”

The programme will enable professionals to learn the basics of entrepreneurship as they move on the path to building their dream venture. S.U.R.G.E will be delivered across seven modules covering all aspects of business and entrepreneurial skills to help participants better understand the entrepreneurial journey and learn how to apply management tools to strengthen their business ideas and build their organizations.