IIM Calcutta hosts the 28th Institute Lecture Series

Kolkata: Indian Institute of Management Calcutta organized the 28th Institute Lecture Series at the institute premises. The talk was delivered by renowned spiritual guide, social reformer, author and educationist, Sri M. The talk focused on “Man’s Search for Happiness”, accompanied by Sri M’s account of his transformational journey, from a young boy to a spiritual leader, driven by discipline and dedication.

The event started with a welcome address by Shrikrishna G Kulkarni, Chairman, Board of Governors at IIM, Calcutta. He provided a brief introduction about Sri M and spoke about how the spiritual leader has influenced his life as his guide and teacher.

The welcome address was followed by Sri M’s talk on how the human mind has a built-in tendency to search for happiness. He said, ‘’We search all over the world, forgetting that happiness is resident within us and, only when it is found within us, that we derive the complete satisfaction’’. Sri M further added, ‘one needs to maintain equanimity for praise as well as criticism and that one shouldn’t base his/her happiness and unhappiness on the basis of what others think of them.

He further went on to discuss that meditation has two parts – one is gathering all the energies so that it moves in a certain way and then the effort of finally letting it go. He said that Yoga aims to find a balance between the mind and body and shared some words of wisdom on how to live a better life and how to rejuvenate and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The talk was followed by an interactive discussion between the students and Sri M. The event concluded with a Vote of Thanks by the Director, Prof. Anju Seth.