IIM Jammu’s Roundtable 1.0 Sparks Meaningful Industry-Academia Discussions


New Delhi : The Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Jammu organized a Roundtable 1.0 (Industry Academia Meet) at the India Habitat Centre, New Delhi. The event brought together an esteemed group of attendees, including senior leaders from academia and industry, to discuss strategic initiatives and foster collaborative partnerships.

The Roundtable 1.0 (Industry Academia Meet) was graced by the presence of Prof. B.S. Sahay, Director, IIM Jammu, who led the proceedings with his insightful perspectives on the future of management education and industry-academia collaboration. Other notable attendees from IIM Jammu included Prof. Jabir Ali, Dean Academics; Dr. Baljeet Singh, Chairperson Placements; Dr. Atanu Dutta, Placement Officer; and the Placement Committee, IIM Jammu. The Roundtable 1.0 (Industry Academia Meet) consisted of two topics of discussion: “Exploring Industry’s Expectations from a B-School” and “Discussing Avenues of Collaboration Between Industry and Academia.” Each topic had dedicated panel moderators to guide the discussions.

The Roundtable 1.0 (Industry Academia Meet) saw participation from top-notch industry leaders of conglomerates, facilitating meaningful dialogues and networking opportunities. The discussions covered a wide range of topics, including the latest trends in human resource management, the evolving role of technology in business operations, and strategies for enhancing employability among management graduates.

Prof. B.S. Sahay, Director, IIM Jammu mentioned, “This Roundtable 1.0 (Industry Academia Meet) marks a significant milestone in our ongoing efforts to strengthen the ties between academia and industry. The insights shared today will undoubtedly help us refine our curriculum and better prepare our students for the dynamic business environment.”

Prof. Jabir Ali, Dean Academics, IIM Jammu, highlighted the significance of the event, saying, “This Roundtable 1.0 (Industry Academia Meet) has provided an excellent platform for exchanging ideas and best practices. Our commitment to aligning our academic programs with industry needs is reinforced by the active participation of industry leaders today.”

Dr. Baljeet Singh, Co-Chairperson Placements, IIM Jammu, added, “Engaging directly with industry leaders through events like the Roundtable 1.0 (Industry Academia Meet is crucial for understanding the evolving expectations of the corporate world. These interactions help us tailor our placement strategies and ensure our students are well-prepared to meet industry demands.”

Roundtable 1.0 (Industry Academia Meet) concluded on a high note, with participants expressing their appreciation for the platform provided by IIM Jammu to engage in productive discussions. The event underscored the institute’s commitment to excellence and its proactive approach to integrating academic rigor with industry relevance.