IIM Lucknow and Apollo Medskills jointly Launch Executive Programme in Healthcare Management


New Delhi: Apollo Medskills and IIM Lucknow today have decided to join hands and announce the beginning of a relationship between the two institutions with a unique perspective to benefit the healthcare fraternity. The first of many, under this initiative they have launched an Executive Programme in Healthcare Management.


Speaking on the occasion, from IIM Lucknow were the Chairperson MDP (Management Development Programmes) Prof. Ajay K Garg and the Programme Directors Professor S. Venkataramanaiah and Professor Madhumita Chakraborty who shared their insights on conceptualising this program.


COVID-19 pandemic has exposed all sectors of economy including healthcare across the world. This has led to the rethinking and restructuring of the healthcare industry as well. In the context of India, care delivery has become a big challenge due to serious shortage of qualified medical, nursing, diagnostic and managerial workforce of the healthcare sector apart from ill equipped health infrastructure. Implementation of National health protection system (NHPS) like Ayushman Bharat has started resulting in better healthcare particularly for the bottom of the pyramid (BoP) segment and economic development. India is on top of the list in terms of out-of-pocket expenses which is around 87%. Proposed public spending on healthcare is also attracting the private sector to focus on secondary and tertiary healthcare. All these are generating significant amount of employment in healthcare and allied areas.


At this juncture, the proposed collaborative programme Executive Programme in Healthcare Management (EPHM) by IIM Lucknow and Apollo Medskills is expected to contribute by developing appropriate managerial capacity for the fast-growing health sector in India.


The programme is designed by taking the necessary inputs from both public and private health sector of India and similar economies in the region. We strongly believe that this programme will add value and capacity building in Indian healthcare sector.


“The uniqueness of this programme is the Experiential learning that every participant receives by way of attending the Immersion programme. All participants will have the opportunity to experience the concepts they have been acquainted within the classroom in a real time campus immersion at IIM Lucknow and a field visit at Apollo hospitals. This enhances the students’ understanding of the value chain while being present in the relevant environment.”


Speaking on the occasion of the launch of EPHM programme in collaboration with IIM Lucknow, Dr. Srinivasa Rao Pulijala, CEO, Apollo MedSkills Limited, The EPHM Programme Director, said, “The on-going developments in India’s healthcare industry is paving way for creating millions of jobs in the sector. The Executive Programme in Healthcare Management offered by the IIM Lucknow, India’s top ranking management institute and Apollo MedSkills Limited, one of the large healthcare skilling institution, will definitely nurture and shape the career of hundreds of youth who aspire to take the leadership roles in the health industry. Students will benefit with learning from the industry experts from both management and healthcare sectors. During the pandemic COVID-19 period, we are witnessing a sharp rise in number of hospitals, clinics, diagnostic centres, rehabilitation centres across urban, semi-urban and in some pockets of rural India. These health facilities are on the look-out for those talented people who are capable of running them effectively and efficiently. This unique industry is in urgent need of highly skilled people.”