IIM Tiruchirappalli inaugurates its flagship fest Dhruva 2022

Tiruchirappalli:  IIM Tiruchirappalli’s flagship business and cultural fest, Dhruva 2022, commenced with an inaugural ceremony on March 04, 2022. Mr. Rajesh Doshi, CEO of Zebronics, was the Chief Guest for the ceremony. He attended the event virtually.


More than 12,700 students from various institutions across the country registered for the fest. The flagship event, to be held from 4th March to 6th March 2022, is an amalgamation of case studies, quizzes, multilevel business and cultural competitions, and events like band performances, music nights, and stand-up comedy sessions. Sixteen business and nine cultural events shall be organized over three days The event also includes a panel discussion on the Age of Entrepreneurship where students will get to engage with path-breaking entrepreneurs.


The ceremony began with prayer and lighting of the lamp by dignitaries, followed by an address by the Chairperson of the Student’s Affairs Council, Dr. P Saravanan, who briefed about the history of Dhruva and all the events to be held. Dr. Pawan Kumar Singh, Director of IIM Trichy, welcomed the Chief Guest and event participants, calling Dhruva an occasion to recharge and learn the business culture. He quoted Atmano mokshartham jagat hitaya cha and reminded everyone of the importance of choosing the right action and enjoying the deeper meaning of business culture on the occasion of Ramkrishna Paramahamsa Jayanti.


Mr. Rajesh Doshi, CEO of Zebronics, then addressed the audience by sharing his lessons throughout his journey. He said business is more of a relay race than a sprint as it involves trust and effort. Highlighting his own experiences in establishing Zebronics, he mentioned that every step towards disruption and change comes with risks, and by taking calculated risks with a well-thought-out plan, one can emerge stronger. He then emphasized the importance of always adapting and learning in the metaverse and finally extended best wishes for Dhruva 2022.


The inauguration was followed by a question and answer session where the Chief Guest was asked questions about the current manufacturing sector, competitive markets, and Zebronics’ plans for the future. He expressed that reaching consumers with out-of-the-box ideas will push India to become a manufacturing hub. He also spoke about Zebronics’s plans to shift its products to Indian manufacturing units and to create a global footprint in other countries.


Cultural Committee secretary thanked all the dignitaries, participants, and contributors to the event for their support and encouragement. Ms. Priya delivered a vote of thanks. The inaugural ceremony concluded with a recitation of the National Anthem.


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