IIM Tiruchirappalli inaugurates the new batches of PGPM, PGPM-HR, DPM & EDPM

The Indian Institute of Management Tiruchirappalli inaugurated the 12th batch of Post-Graduate Programme in Management (PGPM), 3rd batch of Post-Graduate Programme in Management–Human Resources (PGPM-HR), 10th batch of Doctoral Programme in Management (DPM), and 3rd batch of Executive Doctoral Programme in Management (EDPM) on 27 June 2022.  The Chief Guest,  Shri Krishna Kumar R.A., Executive Director, Dalmia Cements, Dr. Pawan Kumar Singh, Director of IIM Tiruchirappalli, and several other dignitaries, staff, and students attended the event.


Prof. Deepak Kumar Srivastava, Dean of Academics, delivered the welcome address. In his speech, he noted that IIM Tiruchirappalli is one of the fastest-growing B-schools in the country, providing a great campus and learning experience. He also emphasized the institute’s commitments to diversity and its plans to digitize the processes.


Director, Dr. Pawan Kumar Singh, extended a hearty welcome to all the students of the new batches and expressed his delight in inaugurating the face-to-face programme after three years. Addressing the students, he emphasized finding the teachers around us and within our inner selves to guide us in making the right decisions.


The chief guest, Shri Krishna Kumar R.A., welcomed the students and addressed the gathering.  In his address, he spoke about the excellent brand image and reputation of the IIMs. He shared his life experiences and highlighted the four essential requirements of Speed, ESG (Environment, Social, and Governance), Ethics, and Challenging the status quo in a corporate environment. He emphasized the need for failure management, teamwork, taking feedback, the need for people skills, and being a leader in India.


After that, Prof. Sirish Kumar Gouda, Chairperson, DPM & EDPM, Prof. Hari Sreekumar, Chairperson, PGPM, and Prof. Upam Pushpak Makhecha, Chairperson PGPM-HR, announced the Director’s Merit List awards and the Chief Guest presented the merit certificates to the DPM, PGPM, and PGPM-HR students.


Director’s Merit List Students



  • Sandhiya E



  • Kulkarni Mrunalini Santosh
  • Mehta Parth Dipenbhai
  • Saurav Manna
  • Sai Santhosh R
  • Shilpa Joseph
  • Rugmani V H
  • Rashi Barmecha
  • Sree Ram Vigneshwar A T
  • Shah Dhruv Shripal
  • Yash Khandelwal
  • Jerry George
  • Mehta Tavishi
  • Rajlaxmi
  • Sahil Sinha
  • Umesh Jhanwar
  • V S Saranya
  • Deepakshi Singhal
  • Pranav Ranganathan



  • Jibin C Varghese
  • Apoorva Agrawal
  • Gourav Singhal
  • Pathrinaraynan M



The inaugural event concluded with the presentation of a memento to the Chief Guest, Shri. Krishna Kumar R.A. by Director Dr. Pawan Kumar Singh, followed by the National Anthem.

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