IIM Trichy celebrated Hindi Diwas

Trichy:  Indian Institute of Management Tiruchirappalli celebrated the Hindi Diwas in its campus on Tuesday, 14th September 2021. Dr. Uma Shanker, Chief Commissioner of Customs (Preventive) Tiruchirappalli, and Shri Ashok Kumar Singh, Assistant Commissioner of Provident Fund, Tiruchirappalli, graced the occasion as the Chief Guest and the Guest of Honor, respectively. The event was also streamed live on YouTube.

The event began on an auspicious note with an invocation and the lighting of lamp, followed by the welcome address by Shri R. Sankaran. In the welcome speech, he stressed on the importance of health and well-being in these trying times.

Dr. Pawan Kumar Singh, Director, IIM Tiruchirappalli, then addressed the gathering. In his address, he emphasized on the importance and the beauty of Hindi language. Dr. Singh spoke about Hindi being a possible medium to bring people together the world over as Hindi is now widely spoken worldwide. He also touched upon the history and the unique structures of various regional languages spoken in our country and the need to understand one’s mother tongue. He also talked about the annual Hindi Magazine that the Institute has published.

This was followed by the felicitation of the winners of various competitions held as part of the Hindi Diwas celebrations as follows:

• Drafting: Alok Kumar Singh (1st Position), Priya V (2nd Position)
• Speech: Sumit Banerjee (1st Position), Anu Prashaant (2nd Position)
• Poetry Recitation: Sumit Banerjee (1st Position), Shikha Khare and Divya Dwivedi (2nd Position)
• Singing: Anu Prashaant (1st Position), Sushma (2nd Position)
• Kids Speech: Adwita Khare (1st Position), Samyak Gupta (2nd Position)
• Kids Singing: Ananya Dixit (1st Position), K M Harshitha (2nd Position)
• Kids Poetry Recitation: Shubhi Khare (1st Position), Mrignayanee Karthik (2nd Position)

The Chief Guest, the Guest of Honor, the Director, and the organizing team members then released the first volume of the institute’s annual Hindi magazine ‘Sangam.’

This was followed by an address by the Guest of Honor, Shri. Ashok Kumar Singh. In his address, Shri. Ashok Kumar Singh emphasized on the importance of the day in celebrating the Hindi language. Shri. Ashok Kumar Singh urged students to increase their usage of Hindi in their day-to-day lives to develop it’s accessibility across the country. He noted how NRIs stay connected to their roots by actively using Hindi and how they give the language an international indentity by doing so. Shri. Ashok Kumar Singh also highlighted how IT companies promote their services in Hindi and a similar adoption by media in broadcasts would help bring people together emotionally.




The Chief Guest Dr. Uma Shanker in his address emphasized on the historical importance of the Hindi language. Dr. Uma Shanker urged the students not to limit their celebration of the language to an annual event but to ensure that they incorporate it in their everyday lives. He shed light on how a practical and pragmatic approach in the form and usage of Hindi in day-to-day work can help in the wider acceptance and usage of the language.

Dr. Pawan Kumar Singh thanked the Chief Guest and Guest of Honor for gracing the event with their presence and presented them with special memorabilia, and copy of Hindi Poetic translation of Thirukkural.

The event concluded with the vote of thanks, followed by the National Anthem.