IIM Trichy’s Social Responsibility Club Elixir in association with Pranyas Development Foundation inaugurates the renovated Panchayat Union Middle School in Chinna Sooriyur Village


The Indian Institute of Management Tiruchirappalli inaugurated the renovated Panchayat Union Middle School at Chinna Sooriyur on April 04, 2022. IIM Trichy’s Social Responsibility Club Elixir and Pranyas Development Foundation took up the redevelopment project which included installing a water purification system, painting, developing smart classrooms, renovating washrooms, and installing benches in classrooms. The initiative, costing over Rs 3 lakhs, was funded by Pranyas Development Foundation and managed by Elixir- The Social Responsibility Club of IIM Trichy.


The inauguration of the event was graced by dignitaries including Mr. Rahul Sharma – Founder of Pranyas Development Foundation, Dr. Pawan Kumar Singh -The Director of IIM Trichy, Mr. Shanmuga Sundaram – Village President – Suriyur, Dr. Deepak Kumar Srivastava – Dean academics, Dr. Godwin Tennyson – Dean administration, Dr. Saravanan P, Chairperson – Student Affairs Committee, and Mr. Muthukumaran – CAO i/c, IIM Trichy.


The Director praised the work of Pranyas and Elixir, saying, “It is good to have smart brains. It is important to have a good heart. However, magic happens when you have a combination of good brains and good hearts.” Mr. Rahul Sharma, the founder of Pranyas Development Foundation, then addressed the gathering. He asked the students to have the courage to dream. He also asked the students to think of a Genie that could make all their wishes come true and write down all the gifts they would ask from the Genie and promised to make all their wishes come true. He further conducted an activity with the students in which he first asked the school students to tear a piece of paper into as many parts as they could. He then asked them to join the pieces back as they were. As the students struggled in doing this, Mr. Rahul taught the students how easy it is to break things but how difficult it is to create and recreate things.


The Sarpanch of the village, Mr. Shanmuga Sundaram, and Mr. Dharmaraj G – Student Affair Office IIM Trichy, facilitated the event and expressed their pleasure and gratitude for the development of the school.


The inaugural event continued with stunning dance performances and speeches by the school students and teachers. The event concluded with National Anthem.


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