IIM Udaipur conducts online management courses for the students

Udaipur: IIM Udaipur has announced eighteen online management courses on the online learning platform – Coursera to ensure uninterrupted learning during the nationwide lockdown for its batch of 2019-21. The courses are offered as elective courses and voluntary courses under domains such as Operations, HR, Marketing, Finance, Analytics, etc.
COVID-19 has resulted in ceasing normalcy of education institutes’ functioning, delaying internships of students, and disturbing the academic calendar of B-Schools. In such a backdrop, IIMU has taken the lead in demonstrating the B-School’s strong faculty-driven culture, ensuring students continue their learning.
Prof. Janat Shah, Director, IIMU said, “The reality is that across the world, education systems were not prepared to brace the impact of COVID-19. Even though this pandemic has caught us off-guard, institutions are trying their best to adapt to online learning. At IIMU, we are setting up infrastructure and processes to move to online learning temporarily. Our faculty members are offering short courses on FINTECH, Blockchain, and Strategic Digital Transformation, amongst others, using online as the mode of education delivery. This initiative will help students utilize their free time more productively.”
Addressing the class of 2021, Prof. Sandhya Bhatia, Chairperson, Programs Committee, IIMU, said, “Our efforts are towards establishing holistic continuum academia in times of Coronavirus, and ensure that the managers of tomorrow don’t suffer today. IIMU is looking forward to the means to contribute to our students’ learning objectives. We are offering this opportunity in addition to the regular classes that are planned for the second year.”
The Institute mentioned that the students could pick one offered course/bundle of courses from the set of credit courses. The successful completion of that offered course/bundle of courses will make the student eligible for two credits of the second-year course requirement. Students could substitute the selected course with an IIMU elective course of two credits. However, if they wish, students are allowed to take more than the minimum required credits.
In addition to the above courses, courses are also offered on Supply Chain Management, Marketing, Analytics, Channel Management, Financial Markets, Investment Strategy, People Analytics, New Technologies for Business Leaders, Digital Product Management, and Fundamentals of Project Management.
Besides, the B-School is also offering credit-less voluntary courses, some of which would be facilitated by senior faculties such as the Institute’s director – Prof. Janat Shah, depending upon the count. The course structure was designed to support students’ career requirements.