IIMB expert on Online Learning and Education

Bengaluru: The Communications Office and the Student Media Cell of IIM Bangalore launched the IIMB Podcast Series on July 12th, 2020. The podcast series aims to become a platform to discuss the latest business, economic, management, and social issues that matter. The Podcast series, which will run twice a month – on the second and fourth Sunday – will witness IIM Bangalore fraternity, including but not limited to the faculty members, alumni and students, provide their insights and perspectives on the topics and issues that surround us.

The fourth episode of the series, on August 23rd, will feature a conversation with Prof. R Srinivasan, Professor in the area of Strategy at IIM Bangalore. He talks about the shift towards online education and its impact on the offline education system.

COVID-19 has made a significant impact on the education sector with institutes, schools and universities forced to adapt to online models quickly. In this episode, Prof. R Srinivasan talks about various apprehensions about online education of multiple stakeholders, i.e., learners, teachers and educational institutions. He touches upon how online learning is leading to changes in learning styles and teaching styles and how infrastructural challenges remain to be a crucial barrier for online education. This episode also brings out insights on the evolving pedagogy in various institutions and the future of education in a post COVID world.


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