IIMB’s CCGC & CPP with SustainabilityNext to jointly host conclave on ‘Affordable Healthcare – Building India’s Future Health Economy’ on Feb 18

Bengaluru: The Centre for Corporate Governance and Citizenship (CCGC) and the Centre for Public Policy (CPP) at IIM Bangalore, along with SustainabilityNext, an e-magazine which provides relevant content from practitioners and thought leaders, will host a one-day conclave on ‘Affordable Healthcare – Building India’s Future Health Economy’ on February 18 (Saturday), 2017, at the campus between 9.00 am and 6 pm.
The purpose of the conclave is to contribute to the dialogue on affordable healthcare policy and its execution, subjects which are of huge importance to the country’s future. The conclave will have experts from academia, industry, start-ups, impact funding, the World Bank and Government sharing their ideas.
The conclave would facilitate conversations among various stakeholders so that the pain points of affordable healthcare are addressed and better linkages built, thereby offering immense opportunities for meeting the healthcare demands of the poor. The affordable healthcare segment offers vast prospects for investors and start-ups, and is a major career opportunity for professionals. This segment can grow at a rapid pace if the various challenges it faces currently are addressed by all stakeholders.
The conclave’s sharp focus will be on solutions, influencing policy, stoking innovations and building a robust ecosystem involving all stakeholders in this space. The core emphasis will be on the start-up ecosystem and impact funding.
Some of the topics to be covered during the conclave are: if affordable healthcare sector in India is at an inflection point; the pain points that need to be addressed to make affordable healthcare a game changer in building India’s health economy; the business model innovations at play to enhance the reach of private healthcare in the affordable space; how advanced care can be made affordable to larger sections of the population; how healthcare start-ups are performing in this space; how an enabling and dynamic ecosystem can be created for enriching the affordable healthcare segment in India; what the missing links are between stakeholders of the ecosystem such as NGOs, investors, start-ups, government departments, policy makers; innovations in health insurance cover; affordable health services, and how to draw big impact investing into this space.
Putting together a strong post-conclave process is in the pipeline, so that the outcome and impact of the conclave is maximized and shared with the relevant ecosystem. The conclave will target to: facilitate at least ten linkages between NGOs, start-ups, investors; to bring out a white paper by a research fellow on affordable healthcare based on the discussions of the conclave, and publish highlights in SustainabilityNext and post it on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to push the debate into the public space.