IIMB’s India Japan Study Centre to host virtual talk by sarod artiste Anupam Joshi on Nov 13


Bangalore: Did you know that India and Japan share many cultural similarities such as festivals marking the changing seasons, rituals, and art inspired by nature, and the adherence to the lunar calendar? Kabuki, a Japanese traditional popular drama, and Kathakali, an ancient theatre form of South-East India, are similar in so many ways, whether it’s the stylised gestures, symbolic yet minimal dance moves and a lot of eye and facial expressions, colourful and dazzling costumes, elegantly designed wigs and elaborate make-up of male artistes, equal parts dialogue delivery and dance. These are but a few examples. Are you interested to know more about such shared nuances?

The India Japan Study Centre (IJSC) is hosting its next talk in the seminar series ‘Tatsujin – Speak’ on 13th November 2020 at 11.00 AM. The webinar titled, ‘Identifying Our Shared Identity! Astonishing Cultural Similarities between India & Japan’ will be led by the well-known sarod artiste Anupam Joshi. Joshi san is a trained Japanese language consultant, who spent over a decade and half to learn the intricacies of Japanese culture and experimented with a fusion of Indian and Japanese language and art forms. During his lecture, Joshi san will talk about the Indian and Japanese shared tradition of using music as an integral part of narratives such as dance drama, plays and storytelling, and will explore the parallels between the two cultures through linguistics, idioms, and artistic expressions. Joshi san has performed at prestigious music festivals like the Sawai Gandharv Mahotsav, Kundgol.


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