IIT Alumni Rahul Sharma designed nation emergency formula for poor, ‘HOPE’

New Delhi: A Delhi based NGO, Pranyas, founded by a very young, dynamic IIT Bombay Alumni Rahul Sharma, predicts “India will either have no poor or will have nothing for poor by the year 2022, and that will be a significant change we will see after the mega-blockbuster event of Covid-19 in India and the world”. According to Rahul, this change in India mostly will be because of the reasons: unequal distribution of wealth, people’s psychological change after Covid-19 and, economic wellbeing.

Rahul along with his team of thousands of volunteers has been 24 x 7 in the line of action supporting laborers and poor since the Covid-19 happened to India. Rahul’s front line action organization called ‘Pranyas’ has been making rounds all across the country to understand poverty for the past 2 years. As COVID hit the nation, the situation worsened for poor, that’s when Rahul came up with model ‘HOPE’. In India, a lot of social groups have taken several initiatives and actions on multiple platforms for eradicating poverty but now the situation is different.

With no-education comes poverty and fewer opportunities, the ‘HOPE’ looks out for educating the baseline of the nation, ‘children’. Rahul adds, “If the foundation of our population is strong, our nation-building without poverty is achievable.”

‘HOPE’ is an initiative designed for children having fewer opportunities like financial strain, lack of resources, and is motivated towards education. In this program, a group of 20 people is formed and that group will take the responsibility of a child’s education and his/her amenities. It’s 20 for 1 model. This model is designed not to harm anyone’s pocket and also to show incredible results in the child’s foundational growing years. One educated child in a family can change the future of the entire family. Education is a weapon that can change your life. Educating a child in the family has powers to change the country and that’s the formula for bringing change in the country forever.

The uniqueness of this initiative is that anyone (either a student or an earning person) can adopt a kid with just 100/- per month irrespective of where they (donors) are and where the kid is. Through this initiative kids get another family, an educated family to guide them on the right path. The primary focus of this model is not only to help them in their education but also to focus on the overall development of a kid.

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