IIT Bombay Research Internship Awards

Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai has invited applications from educational and professional research experienced candidates for awarding the Research Internship Award-2012 in the following specific research projects to be conducted by its various departments:
A CFD solver of Blast Wave Loading on Human Eye
Algorithms, Software and Applications for Combinatorial Optimisation Problems
An alternate method to determine the plastic limit of soil
An Immersed-Boundary method based CFD solver to compute flows with solid-fluid and fluid-fluid interfaces
Anisotropy in Lanthanide Molecular Nano Magnets
Applications of Continuous Polling Models
Assessment of Rainfall Spatial Variability in a Flash Flood Prone City
Assessment of Vulnerability to Natural or Environmental Hazards in an Overpopulated Urban Region
Asymmetric catalysis and synthesis of natural products
Cancer cell migration on cell derived matrices
Carbonic anhydrases from Aspergillus niger
CFD studies on Scramjet engines
Characterization and modeling of Ge CMOS Devices
Characterization of Metals Subjected to Extreme Loading Conditions
Communication Subsystem design for Multi-Quadrotor testbed
Computational Studies on Asymmetric Organic Reactions Involving C-H Bond Activations
Computational study of chemical reactions in hypersonic re-entry flow
Conceptual Design and Sizing of High Altitude Airships
Construction of a mutant bacteriophage N4 that can produce empty mature capsids
Cubic Spline Quasi-Interpolation based Method for Nonlinear Diffusion Equations
Design and Development of a nano-newton force sensor
Design and Fabrication of a rig for determination of fabric permeability
Design and testing of a payload recovery device for tethered balloon
Design, fabrication and test of MIM tunnel diodes
Developing transition metal catalyst for carbon dioxide activation
Development of Polymer laminates Composite for aerospace applications.
Development of 5 W solid oxide fuel cells
Development of Real-Time Passenger Information System
Development of software application (app) for teaching solid mechanics.
Development of tomography algorithms to study plasma characteristics.
Dynamic analysis of composite helicopter rotor flexbeams
Dynamics of fluid-particle suspension in microfluidic devices using lattice Boltzmann method (LBM)
Dynamics, Control and Sensing for High-Speed Nano-Positioning
Effect of sample preparation on its yield strength
Effect of storms on the beach profile
Effects of model misspecification on percentile estimation in dose response models
Electronic tracking and analysis of synchronization phenomena in coupled mechanical oscillators
Enhancing productivity of recombinant CHO cells
Experimental investigation of material properties of coated and laminated fabrics
Extrusion of giant vesicles: effects of bilayer properties on size of nano-vesicles
Finite Element Analysis of Soft Structures.
Flame propagation velocities of liquid fuel-air mixtures
Flow characteristics in a turbine exhaust diffuser
Fluoride removal from groundwater using natural material
Functional annotation of putative glycosylation pathway enzymes
Games on Graphs
Genesis of light-toned layered deposits (LLDs) in the Juventae Chasma, Mars
Geopolymer : A substitute for Ordinary Portland Cement
Intranet Search for academic domain
Investigating the effect of totarol on Bacillus subtilis proteome
Laboratory simulation of variety of ocean waves
Large scale Information summarization and browsing for academic domain
Mesoporous Silica: A Template for nano particle synthesis
Miscibility of anisotropic nano particles in a polymer melt – A theoretical study
Mitotic Spindle Assembly
Model based analysis and optimzation of co-production of first and second generation biofuels
Modeling apoptosis during TNFα signaling
Modeling Contractile Ring Constriction
Modeling feedback control in genetic networks controling virulence in Salmonella enterica and Bordetella pertussis
Modeling Molecular Motor Based Transport
Modeling of ice nucleation on silver iodide (AgI) particles for cloud seeding
Modeling Pedestrian-Vehicle Behaviour Under Mixed Traffic Condition
Modeling spin-based logic devices
Modelling Magnetic Materials for Molecular refrigeration
Module development and programming in Drupal (with special focus on social content analysis)
Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Viral Genome Translocating Motor
Neural Correlate of Prospective Memory and Emotion Recognition in Children with and without Autism
Neurolinguistic and Cognitive Implications of Bidirectional Sciptal Dexterity
Oxycoal combustion
Phase field modeling for solidification processes: Applications in Crystal Growth
Phase field modelling of growth of crystals from dilute solutions
Plasma assisted combustion for scramjet engines
PLGA-gold hybrid nanostructures for cancer therapy
Power amplifier linearization for wireless links in hardware using FPGAs
Power amplifier linearization techniques for wireless links
Protein Dynamics of HIV protease: A simulation study
Proteome analysis of complicated, severe vivax malaria: a mechanistic insight into disease pathogenesis and host responses
Purification and characterization of 1-naphthol hydroxyalse from soil bactrium
Purification and crystallization of plasmepsin I (PMI) from Plasmodium falciparum
Quantum Dots Based Biosensors for Detection of Multiple Analytes
Rotary Wing Micro-Aerial Vehicle
Scheduling Secondary and Primary users: utilizing surplus serving capacity
Serum proteomic analysis of various grades of gliomas for the identification of grade specific markers
Simple Memristor-based circuit fabrication and characterization
Simulation of Machining
Simulations of high enthalpy flows for reentry vehicles
Simulation of Building Performance with PV integration
Spectroscopy and Dynamics of Single Luminescent Nanocrystals as a Probe to Understand Inhomogeneous and Complex Systems
Spoken Tutorials
Spoken Tutorials
Spoken Tutorials
Stereo specific Synthesis of Nitro Olefin
Structure theory of operator algebras
Study of Autonomous Control System for Outdoor Airship
Study of Disclosures in Financial Statements
Studying effect of hierarchical organization of kinetochore proteins on centromere clustering
Superfamily 3 helicase from extremely large viruses
Synthesis of Chemically Modified Nucleosides and Oligonucleotides
Unsaturated soil Characterization
Use Hydrogen as fuel for IC engines
Web-based interactive virtual triaxial shear testing
Whole field measurement of temperature and concentration using laser-based imaging techniques
Should be in the Second year of a Masters program, or third / fourth year of a Bachelors program. Branch / discipline of study will be as per the project requirements specified by IIT Bombay Faculty (Internship Guide).
Should be among the top 10% in all the previous years in your discipline in the College / University / Institute. A certificate from the Principal (in the prescribed format) to this effect will have to be submitted at the time of applying.
Should be a full-time student while applying and till the completion of the Internship. You may submit a partial project report before (e.g., in April) the completion of the Internship (e.g., in June) if the academic calendar of your College / Institute / University requires you to do so, with the prior consent of the Internship Guide.
Should be able to work full-time for the Internship. Part-time internship is not allowed. A certificate to the effect that there are no course work requirements during the internship period has to be submitted at the time of applying.
The application process consists of an online application to be submitted through website: www.iitb.ac.in
Applications for internship must be accompanied by a statement of purpose answering questions such as: Why is an applicant interested in a particular project? What specific background, skills, and experience does an applicant have for the project? What is the applicant’s long term career plan? What role does this project play in it? What role does an internship at IITB play in the career plan?
The selection procedure consists of preliminary screening of applications, followed by test / interviews to be held in a decentralized manner at the department level.
Last date for submission of application form is 26th September 2012.
For details, visit the website link: