IIT Bombay team led Airth launches the world’s first antimicrobial air purifier

New Delhi: Airth is ready to launch the first of its kind antimicrobial air purifier on (date). It is developed by the visionary team from IIT Bombay and uses patent filed & tested technology for protection against airborne diseases such as COVID-19. The device goes a step ahead of surface sanitisers and protects people within a closed space, such as an office. Airth antimicrobial air purifiers stand by their words to help organisations provide clean and pathogen-free air to their customers and employees.

“These meticulously designed air purifiers use proprietary SAVE (Sanitizer for Airborne Virus Elimination) technology developed by IIT Bombay researchers. Currently, surface sanitisers and other such disinfectants are providing discontinuous sanitisation in workplaces and other indoor spaces. However, the real threat of airborne disease transmission prevails when people are present in a poorly ventilated indoor space. Thus, Airth antimicrobial air purifiers provide a continuous solution that can be installed within an occupied workspace. It further promises reliable and cost-effective protection against COVID-19 and indoor air pollution. Microbial reduction testing for these air purifiers has been done at NABL accredited FICCI lab with an efficiency of 99.87% within 5 minutes and removal of particles having size ~ 100 nm (size of COVID-19 virus) at CSIR – National physical lab,” says Mr. Ravi Kaushik, CEO, Airth.

The story of Airth dates back to November 2018, when the need to work on an advanced air purification technology was realised by Ravi Kaushik, the CEO of Airth. A report released by WHO in 2018 revealed that about 7 million global deaths were caused due to air pollution. Witnessing the deteriorating air quality and the urge to create an impactful solution inspired Ravi to bring his idea to life. Consequently, the hustle began that led to the creation of a prototype (model) of an antimicrobial air purifier.

Airth believes that organisations must be accountable for providing clean and pathogen-free air to their employees and customers in the post-COVID-19 world. Various businesses & organisations provide clean water at their workplace without feeling overburdened. Likewise, customers are aware of the companies that offer green products, eco-friendly services, etcetera. Similarly, in the ‘new normal’, customers would want to be assured about the air quality of the workplace they would be visiting. Airth air purifiers will help businesses and organisations provide a safe zone for their customers and employees.

Keeping in mind the urgency of common people’s safety against COVID-19, Airth developed six different prototypes along with eleven demo units that were successfully deployed at restaurants, banks, gyms, co-working spaces, hospitals, and several other business spaces. Thus, 2020, the year of a global lockdown, gave wings to the company’s thoughts.


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