IIT Delhi Announces M.Sc. in Economics and M.Sc. in Cognitive Science from July 2020

New Delhi: Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi is launching two new 02-Year, Full-Time Masters Programmes – M.Sc. in Cognitive Science and M.Sc. in Economics in the Department of Humanities & Social Sciences from July 2020.
With the starting of these two programmes, the institute aims to capitalize on the expertise of its faculty members from multiple departments, to promote teaching and research while also establishing the critical links with industry.
The two new Masters programmes are uniquely designed to provide exciting learning opportunities to the students and also contribute positively to the ongoing transformation of the higher education in India.
The M.Sc. in Cognitive Science programme at IIT Delhi is highly interdisciplinary in nature, building on theories and methods from psychology, linguistics, neuroscience, artificial intelligence, philosophy and, anthropology among others.
The coordinators of the Masters in Cognitive Science Programme Prof. Samar Husain and Prof. Yashpal Jogdand emphasized that, “The programme curriculum is research based and will familiarize students with diverse theories, methods, and tools to understand the architecture and functioning of the human mind. Students will develop necessary skills and understanding required to make complex information, technology and systems more accessible. Many industries require such skills and understanding to solve practical problems. Thus, along with pursuing a career in academia, students will be able to work at the crossroads of academic-industry linkages.”
For more details, please visit the Cognitive Science programme website http://cogsci.iitd.ac.in
The M.Sc. in Economics programme aims to impart advanced training in economics with a focus on quantitative skills. The curriculum is designed so as to give exposure to broader issues related to developmental challenges in India and beyond.
The coordinators of the Masters in Economics programme, Prof. Sourabh Paul and Prof. Ankush Agarwal stated that, “The economics programme will inculcate in the students the skill of dealing with emerging issues and will encourage students to think out-of-the-box solutions”.
Further, the programme “in keeping with the changes in the discipline of Economics will also encompass a range of techniques from other fields of engineering and technology”.
For more details, please visit the M.Sc. Economics programme website: http://hss.iitd.ac.in/msc-economics
The programmes will have 25 seats each. Interested students can refer to the PG admissions portal of the institute: https://ecampus.iitd.ac.in/PGADM/login.
For more information on the programmes and the department visit: http://hss.iitd.ac.in

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