IIT Delhi launches International PhD Fellowship Programme

Delhi: The Indian Government has recognized IIT Delhi as an Institution of Eminence and as one of the focal areas of its strategic intent, the Institute has decided to encourage best talent from across the world to join its PhD programme.
As a concrete step towards this, IIT Delhi launched International PhD Fellowship Programme (IPFP) on Tuesday (Feb 12) in the presence of Ambassadors of various countries in India, and their representatives.
Laid down after considerable deliberations, the attractive features of the International PhD Fellowship Programme are expected to bring about significant increase in the number of meritorious International students on IITD Campus.
Salient features of IPFP:
• All international students admitted to PG programmes in IIT Delhi, will pay fees on par with Indian students;
• Under IPFP, international students selected for PhD admissions to various programmes will be eligible for fellowships on par with Indian PhD students;
• The fellowships are open in all academic departments, centres and schools of the Institute and cater to a wide area of interest of academic and research community;
• Under IPFP, 500 PhD fellowships will be provided to international students over the next 5 years;
• Candidates holding foreign passports (including persons with OCI and PIO cards) will be eligible to apply under this scheme.
Speaking about the International PhD Fellowship Programme (IPFP), Prof V. Ramgopal Rao, Director, IIT Delhi, said: “Having meritorious PhD students coming to IIT Delhi from all over the world will not only enhance the quality of research happening at IIT Delhi but will also help India develop its softpower across the world. The cultural diversity that will happen because of this step will go a long way in generating new research ideas.”
Prof Sanjeev Sanghi, Dean, Alumni Affairs &International Programmes, IIT Delhi, said: “With a focus on Internationalization as one of the core strategic pillars of its vision for advancing knowledge through high impact research and teaching, the International PhD Fellowship Programme (IPFP) will encourage the meritorious foreign students to join IIT Delhi for PhD. The fellowships will go a long way in further fostering the Institute’s pursuit of the principles of excellence and merit in the field of academics and research by way of creating an enabling, encouraging an exciting environment for the same.”
Prof Bhim Singh, Dean, Academics, IIT Delhi, said: “The Institute has seen a significant growth in number and quality of PhD graduates over the last 5 years or so. We want to keep up that momentum and would like to see a larger mix of international students in our graduating batches, going forward. We believe that the PhD research that will be undertaken at IIT Delhi will also help address both global problems, and more specifically, problems of the developing world.”
Foreign students can apply for PhD in 28 academic units at IITD. This includes: Applied Mechanics, Atmospheric Sciences, Biochemical Engineering and Biotechnology, Biological Sciences, Biomedical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil engineering, Computer Science and Engineering, Design, Electrical Engineering, Information Technology, Public Policy etc.