IIT Gandhinagar launches Alumni Residency Program

Palaj, Gandhinagar: Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar (IITGN) has launched “Alumni Residency Program” with an aim to engage alumni in creating a vibrant and enriching ecosystem at the Institute. Now, IITGN alumni with minimum three years of experience after graduation, can stay on campus and engage with the Institute in a range of activities/initiatives.

Under this specially designed program, IITGN alumni will be able to teach a course, mentor student-driven projects and entrepreneurial initiatives, work on a research project, engage with students on co-curricular and extra-curricular initiatives, help students to enhance their soft/technical skills, and help in special initiatives of the Institute.

Prof Jaison Manjaly, Associate Professor of Philosophy & Cognitive Science and Coordinator, Alumni Affairs shared the vision behind starting Alumni Residency Program, “IIT Gandhinagar is brimming with a wide range of activities/ initiatives in various fields. I believe that the Residency program would not only add substantial value to various Initiatives of the Institute, but would also be extremely beneficial to the alumni in enhancing their leadership skills for a project, helping them make a difference in students’ life, getting an opportunity to work on the domain of their interest, and creating their legacy at the Institute.”