IIT Gandhinagar sign MoUs with four NJ universities as part of globalisation

Gandhinagar: New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy said that diversity is the great strength of India and the United States and that both countries can only achieve their full potential if all communities are empowered.

At a Town Hall at the Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar today, which was one of his last public events in India before he returns to the United States, Gov. Murphy said: “We are stronger as a society if we include all, when everybody is at the table. If we empower people, include people, if we not just talk about diversity but live diversity. We need more women, more diversity, more races, more religions, more LGBTQ community. Whether you are in India or US, if you ignore anyone, we are not going to be stronger society. That is certainly a lesson from Gandhi’s legacy.”

Gov Murphy was on a week-long trade mission to India, making himself the first sitting New Jersey Governor to visit the country. The Governor was accompanied by his wife, First Lady Tammy Snyder Murphy, and members of the New Jersey trade and education delegation.

He said that diversity and empowerment of marginalized communities were Mahatma Gandhi’s message as well as that of Martin Luther King.


“Let’s not restrict ourselves, falling prey to what somebody wears, what their accent is, what their mother-father does, who they love, or how they worship. Let’s get to know each-other, understand what is inside. Love and respect each other.”

“Gandhi is a hero worldwide. Heroes have courage. Not just his celebration of non-violence, but also his passion for lifting others. That is what he left behind.”

“So anybody can be hero, find the courage, find the passion, find the belief system and you too will be a hero.”

IIT Gandhinagar Signs MoUs with Four New Jersey Universities

IIT Gandhinagar exchanged MoUs (Memoranda of Understanding) with four New Jersey public universities, including New Jersey Institute of Technology, New Jersey City University, Rutgers University and Rowan University in the presence of Prof. Sudhir Jain, Director, IIT Gandhinagar, and Gov Murphy. The agreements were signed at the NJ-IITGN Forum on ‘Global Academic Exchanges’ hosted by the Institute prior to the Town Hall.

Prof. Sudhir Jain, Director, IIT Gandhinagar: “Globalisation is one of the core pillars of IIT Gandhinagar’s educational philosophy. We are excited about partnering with some of New Jersey’s leading public universities to create new opportunities for students and faculty of all our institutions for academic and research collaborations.”

IIT Gandhinagar is one of the most globalized campuses in India. Nearly 40 percent of its undergraduate and 75 percent of its PhD students receive some study abroad, internship or other experience overseas before they graduate from the Institute. Nearly 80 percent of the faculty has an overseas degree or post-doctoral experience abroad. Almost 15 percent of its faculty is visiting, predominantly from abroad. The Institute also hosts many international students every year on its campus.

New Jersey City University President, Sue Henderson, said, “New Jersey City University (NJCU) is honored to enter into this partnership with the Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar to promote student and faculty exchanges and short term programs between the two institutions. This international collaboration underscores NJCU’s commitment to globalization and affords students and faculty the opportunity to engage in meaningful bi-lateral projects with a dynamic, innovative and forward-thinking institution in Gujarat. We are fortunate to add IIT-GN to our strategic partnerships in India and we look forward to a fruitful relationship.”

Provost Fadi Deek, New Jersey Institute of Technology, said “NJIT intends to identify common interests and opportunities with IITGN, and learn how our two universities can collaborate on offering learning and research experiences consistent with our student interests and faculty expertise.”

Beena Sukumaran, Vice President of Research at Rowan University said, “Rowan University is very excited about this valuable partnership with IIT-Gandhinagar. The partnership will further research and educational collaborations between the two institutions.”