IIT Gandhinagar students to explore ‘Technologies for the Future’ at IGNITE 5.0


Palaj: IGNITE 5.0, the fifth edition of annual intra-institute technical fest of the Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar (IITGN) will be held on March 16-17, 2019. IGNITE 5.0 is driven by the theme, “Technologies for the Future”.

The precursor of IGNITE activities will start today with iTinker, an event to inculcate creativity and hands-on experience of technical skills in students, who will design a solution on a theme within the stipulated time of 24 hours.

Throughout the two days, IITGN students will showcase their technological know-how to win prizes in various exciting events such as All-Terrain Vehicle- an event for making quality suspension systems for automobiles, Rovers, Gliders etc.; Mono Rail- in which a student driven bot on the rope will imitate the F -16 jets to drop a detachable ball at the target placed on the ground; Phoenix Hunt- a treasure hunt to check technical skills, fitness and wit of participants; Igne Quiz- a quiz designed to give a feel of the competitive quizzing environment; Chem-e-Solve where students will apply their core-Chemical Engineering theoretical skills in solving industrial problem statement; RoboWars- an event where the students will make their own bots of specific sizes with different types of attack mechanisms to have a clash on the event day; and CodeRush- an online coding event; among others.

A Project Expo will display about 30 technical projects designed by IITGN students. Two workshops, Fusion 360 and IBM Watson Workshop, are also planned to provide an overview and hands-on experience of services to IITGN students. There is also something for students of other institutes. They can participate in Ideacode, an event for the people who dream to be an entrepreneur. It will provide a platform to prove their idea with increased coding and business skills.

IGNITE also provides a chance to outside students to visit and see the state-of-the art laboratories of the institute through pre-registration for Lab Tours.