IIT Hyderabad born startup CRIOT™ strikes a collaboration with Technocorpus Inc., Japan

Hyderabad: IIT Hyderabad born startup CRIOT Innovations has struck a fully sponsored research collaboration deal with Technocorpus, Tokyo, Japan.

CRIOT Innovations is working on building Dynamic Smart Home products that adapt to user behavior. This collaboration with Technocorpus, an IoT company based in Japan is aimed to revolutionize the human authentication process using behavior and lifestyle monitoring.

As a part of the collaborative project named MITHRA – CRIOT, CRIOT will be delivering its product named “CRIOT Interface”, which plays a crucial role in collecting data for the behavioral analysis of users. The data collected through the CRIOT Interface and MITHRA application will be used for Lifestyle Authentication Research in Yamaguchi-Lab, Social ICT Research Center, the University of Tokyo. With enormous data generated during the project, CRIOT aims to progress its R&D on Machine Learning.

The project involves 10 products and has started on June 15th extending up to September 24th for its phase 1. CRIOT is looking at a potential phase 2 for this project of 250 products.

Appraising the conscientious efforts of the CRIOT team, Prof. B. S. Murty, Director, IIT Hyderabad, said, “CRIOT-MITHRA Project addresses an important aspect of security as part of daily life, and I wish its successful implementation. The project is also a remarkable milestone to further accelerate Indo-Japan collaborations in various dimensions. The Market is global. Having CRIOT as a good example, I wish other IIT Hyderabad born startups will also actively seek for an oversea collaboration and business opportunities as a part of their strategy.”

Highlighting the importance of the collaboration of CRIOT with the Technocorpus, Mr. Varun Perumalla, Chief Executive officer & Co-Founder, CRIOT, a 3rd year B. Tech student at Engineering Science Department at IIT Hyderabad, said, “Amidst the Covid-19 lockdown, work trends all over the world are shifting towards remote workforces, now more than ever the comfort and security at home is proving to be essential. Smart homes are not just luxury; they are now turning into a necessity to ensure the safety and security of our homes. Dynamic Smart Homes operate by themselves with minimal human interaction. The collaboration with Technocorpus is a promising opportunity to prove and further enhance the security feature of Dynamic Smart Homes.”

Further Mr. Varun Perumalla said, “The company consists of some talented visionary leaders who have the vision to create a new wave of affordable home automation in the country. Our dedicated team is looking forward to future projects, and this collaboration with Technocorpus helps us evolve and grow at an increased pace.”

Highlighting the technical advancements of the CRIOT, Mr. Sai Mahidhar Vanumu, Chief Technological Officer & Co-Founder, CRIOT, a 3rd year Btech student at Engineering Science Department with Maths & Computing at IIT Hyderabad, said, “There is a myth among an average consumer that smart homes are the ones where devices often called smart devices can be controlled using smartphones. However, we at CRIOT believe the real automation is automating the IoT processes with AI-based context-awareness. Automation goes way beyond controlling devices on your smartphone and this is what we want to achieve. Our motto is “Delivering the real advantage of smart home automation.”

Speaking about his role in Collaboration of Technocorpus and CRIOT, Dr. Kotaro Kataoka, Associate Professor, Department of CSE, IIT Hyderabad, said, “Datasets collected through CRIOT Interface and MITHRA Application are highly complementary and promising to bring synergistic security and safety to daily life. I am hoping that an innovative idea and solution will come out through this collaboration.”

Future of CRIOT

CRIOT aims to make this smart home automation available to the average consumer. In the future, we also intend to secure IoT devices from cyber-attacks using the latest technologies like block chain and AI.

The unique features of the Dynamic Smart Homes made by CRIOT include:

v Auto user-customized products requiring no manual interaction.

v Supporting the safety of elderly people and children without breaching their privacy including:

§ Auto Lighting Adjustment system to optimize the lighting at home,

§ Anti-theft mode to secure homes, and

§ Many more.

v Affordable, adaptable, well-connected system.

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