IIT Hyderabad to host Online Conference for HR Professionals on Work From Home

Hyderabad: Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad Department of Liberal Arts will host an online conference for Employees and Human Resource Professionals tomorrow (30th May 2020) on the topic ‘Employee Engagement and Welfare In the New Normal of Work-From-Home, Post COVID19.’

The event is open to the public. They can participate using the link – https://meet.google.com/khg-mint-eur

With Industry leaders having to facilitate Work From Home as the primary mode and place of work, employee engagement and welfare has be looked at using a new perspective. This Online Conference will discuss the state of flux which the COVID19 pandemic has thrown up.

Speaking about this event, Dr. M.P. Ganesh, Associate Professor, Department of Liberal Arts, IIT Hyderabad, said, “Working from Home is going to be a prevalent and unavoidable phenomenon in the coming days even after the COVID-19 situation is stabilised. So, it becomes very important to understand it from different stakeholders’ point of view. This online conference is an initiative in this line, where the objective is to bring in specialists and practitioners from different spheres to discuss the challenges and way forward in this area.”

The Online Conference will feature leaders from the industry including:

Ø Ms. Bindu Venkatesh, Vice President – Human Resource, Oracle India, who will speak on ‘Taking stock of the WFH Situation,’

Ø Dr. Rajiv Noronha, Vice President and Head HR (Analytics and Insights Unit), TCS who will speak on ‘Workplace Support System and Engagement: An Ecosystem View,’

Ø Dr. Ravi Modali, renowned expert in the area of lifestyle medicine, digital health and telemedicine will speak on ‘WFH and Work-Life Balance,’ and

Ø Dr. Jeyavelu, Dean (School of Business), VIT-AP University, who will speak on ‘WFH and Time-Space Conundrums.’

The event coordinators include Mr. Raju Bh, Consultant Researcher-CRIDP, and Ms. Haritha Etakula, Doctoral Candidate, Department of Liberal Arts, IIT Hyderabad.

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