IIT Jodhpur to organize an Open House titled “IIT Padhaaro” to Showcase Scientific and Engineering Capacities

JODHPUR : The Indian Institute of Technology Jodhpur, is organizing an Open House to showcase its scientific and engineering capacities to the people of Jodhpur and surrounding areas. The event named “IIT Padhaaro” promises to be an excellent opportunity for students, parents, faculty members, researchers, professionals, entrepreneurs, industrialists, policymakers, and government officials to experience the innovative and dynamic eco-system of the institute.


The event will be held on 20th April 2022 between 5:00 to 9:00 PM at the Institute, which is located on Surpura Bypass Road, 26 kilometres from Jodhpur city towards Nagaur.


Every department at IIT Jodhpur will present to the audience the cutting-edge work done by faculty members and students through various media including poster presentations, real-life simulations of prototypes, and working models of the technologies they are working on. Apart from opening up laboratories for students to witness first-hand wonders and modalities of science in action, the Institute will exhibit how science and technology, in their applied forms, can create direct, impactful, and meaningful interventions in human life.


Seminar talks on some of the frontier areas in science and technology, which are of interest to IIT Jodhpur, will be held at the Lecture Hall Building (LHB). The event promises to showcase new and exciting forays in diverse areas, including:


Robotics and Mobility Systems
Artificial Intelligence
Affordable and Smart Healthcare
Sustainability and Affordable energy
Neuroscience and Neuro-engineering
Sensor and Internet of Things (IoT)
Cyber-Physical Systems
Molecular Engineering
Medicinal Chemistry
Smart Manufacturing
Industry 4.0


Talking about the Open House “IIT Padhaaro”, Prof. Santanu Chaudhury, Director, Indian Institute of Technology Jodhpur, said, “Open house is an occasion for us to welcome any one who is interested to know and see how IIT Jodhpur is evolving. As a public institution it is also our responsibility to present our work in forms and formats which are easily comprehensible – an exercise in multi-modal science communication for non-specialists. Open house is an event in that direction. So I again welcome all of you to visit IIT Jodhpur for its first open house.”


Interdisciplinary centres like the Centre for Emerging Technologies for Sustainable Development (CETSD) and the Jodhpur City Knowledge and Innovation Cluster (JCKIC) will exhibit different technologies and projects through which they are creating meaningful changes in the lives of individuals and communities, like water purification projects, soil conservation techniques and training, livelihood creation and sustainability training programs, indigenous craft projects, and other periodic interventions underway in many parts of Jodhpur and adjoining districts.


Overall, the event promises to be an exciting opportunity for everyone to experience first-hand rigour, innovation, and creativity that goes into making IIT Jodhpur a world-class Institute and also witness how science and technology are helping build a better world and strive for sustainable futures.


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