IIT Kanpur curates course on Quantitative Finance and Risk Management to prepare professionals to lead the finance revolution

Kanpur: The finance industry all over the world is going through rapid changes. It is not only a matter of digital finance systems now, there has been a significant rise in Artificial Intelligence, blockchain as well as machine learning based financial systems. It is to better prepare finance professionals or enthusiasts to keep up the pace with these significant changes in the global finance domain, the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kanpur, has curated an updated course in Quantitative Finance and Risk Management. This course will guide all the professionals who work in the finance or economic sector to get better equipped with the ongoing and impending changes.

Over the years, the finance industry has undergone a major paradigm shift from traditional queue banking to digital swipes in the stock market. The pandemic hit the economy industry with a massive blow, keeping digitalization no longer a novelty. Today, artificial intelligence and machine learning are being used to create customized investment options and improve user experience through chatbots and other features. Hence, the financial services sector aims to spend billions on AI, cognitive, and other new-age technologies in the coming years to ensure more personalized finance options that favor growth and minimize risks.

Finance industry is one of the biggest players of AI-led services. Sought-after technologies like Blockchain, Machine Learning, Market and Data Intelligence, Quantitative Modeling, etc are seasoned in helping professionals predict and manage risks to make smart decisions. To adapt to this crucial shift, IIT Kanpur has curated this unique eMasters degree in Quantitative Finance and Risk Management with the right amalgamation of theory and practice, that would help budding traders, commodity market specialists, and finance enthusiasts create a valued impact in alternative investment segments.

Today, the boundaries between conventional finance jobs and financial analytics are blurring due to the rise of big data analytics. Professionals pursuing this degree can specialize in the evolving domains of finance, making a difference in whichever job role they are in. They will also be trained to manage finance treasury models by putting into use some top-notch technologies. The real-world curriculum of the degree includes ten modules starting from the basics of economics, complex derivatives, big data analysis, treasury, and credit risk management, to name a few. It also provides exposure to quantitative modeling and theory based on specialized modules of R, Python, Machine Learning, and Blockchain in Finance.

The executive-friendly format offers a flexible approach for professionals to complete the degree anywhere between 1-3 years. The degree is inclusive of IIT Kanpur campus visit, mentorship, and career support. Professionals signing up for the degree now will be able to shape the new arch for their organizations undergoing the modern finance revolution. They will gain multifold expertise required to shape and build the economic future of the country. The last application window for the degree is open till June 3, 2022. Interested candidates can visit the program page https://emasters.iitk.ac.in/ to know more and apply.