IIT Madras Entrepreneurship Cell to host the 5th edition of ‘E-Summit 2020’ from 17-19 January 2020


Chennai: Indian Institute of Technology Madras Entrepreneurship Cell will be conducting the fifth edition of E-Summit 2020 from 17th to 19th January 2020. Every year, Entrepreneurship Cell of IIT Madras plays host to E-Summit which attempts to evangelize entrepreneurship among the student community and to motivate potential entrepreneurs to start businesses that not only solve complex engineering challenges but provide solutions to society.

One of the biggest student-run entrepreneurial conferences in the country, ‘E-Summit 2020’ is a summation of four summits – The Innovator’s Summit, The Start-Up Summit, Youth Summit, and the Techno-Entrepreneurship Summit. Each of these summits caters to a different audience – some of who may be mature entrepreneurs while others may just be embarking on their entrepreneurial journey. In all cases, however, E-Summit aims to help potential entrepreneurs learn more about entrepreneurship and pitch, refine and develop their ideas.

The Social Campaign conducted by E-Cell IIT Madras always takes on pressing issues. This year’s initiative is D-Well which expands to Digital Well-being. The ‘D-Well’ initiative involves organizing nostalgic activities and reminding people about how the world used to be before the digital era, and features discussions and debates of what the future of digital media holds for us.

Speaking about the unique aspects of this edition of E-Summit, Prof Ashwin Mahalingam, Faculty Advisor, Entrepreneurship Cell, IIT Madras, said, “The E-Summit gets better each year. This year, our focus is to ensure that students with entrepreneurial inclinations take a giant step towards becoming entrepreneurs themselves in a few years of time.”

Entrepreneurship Insider 4.0, a premium yearly magazine by E-Cell IIT Madras was also launched during the occasion. The highlight of the fourth edition is the article on the mental health of entrepreneurs – which is a pressing topic that definitely calls for a discussion.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Srinivasan Vishwanathan, IITM Entrepreneurship Forum, said, “The E-Summit is all about getting inspired, about getting charged up and getting ready for the exciting journey of entrepreneurship. You meet students, aspiring entrepreneurs, startups, alumni and investors to build contacts and share knowledge, experience and wisdom. There are fantastic takeaways for all.”

The Entrepreneurship Insider 4.0 magazine will inspire people to lead an entrepreneur’s life and provides them with a constant supply of motivation to think entrepreneurially. Entrepreneurship Insider aims to fuel the eternal flames of innovation and problem-solving and equips budding entrepreneurs with this knowledge.

Highlighting the new events introduced this year, Mr. Mukund Khandelwal, Students’ Head, E-Cell, IIT Madras, said, “The team has been working on the E-Summit since last 4 months and this summit is certainly going to be a promising one, with not only increase in the number of events, but also the experience of delegates attending the E-Summit.”

Adding on to these points, Mr. Aniket Bhoyar, Students’ Co-Head, E-Cell, IIT Madras, said, “The fifth edition of E-Summit will provide a customised experience and a curated opportunity to the knowledge seekers to learn and interact, and to the startups to grow and enter higher leagues.”

An overview of the Four Summits:

Youth Summit: The Youth Summit offers a diverse platter of events covering the unconventional paths to entrepreneurial success such as business simulation games, quizzes and an exclusive chance to interact and connect with successful entrepreneurs.

Innovator’s Summit: It comprises of events that unlock innovation. Unconference sees the student innovators getting involved with real-world issues and test their problem-solving ability and business acumen. Bootcamp is the business plan competition with an ambitious goal of converting prototypes to an industry-ready product. Education 21 nurtures raw talent possessed by school students. Co-Create comprises of intense mentoring, expert insights, market research, and workshops to build a prototype and scale it into a startup.

Startup Summit: This summit caters to startups that have already gained some traction but are looking to scale – and provides a pan-India pitching platform, Elevate, which offers funding opportunities up to 7 Crore INR, and is closely followed by a highly curated product launch platform.

Techno-Entrepreneurship Summit: With the recent interest and development in blockchain technology, the Techno-Entrepreneurship Summit equips students and entrepreneurs with knowledge on blockchain and its potential applications in an engaging and industry-stimulated way.