IIT Madras Hosts ‘Best from Waste’ Program and Organic Farmers’ Market to promote ‘Green Living’

Chennai: Indian Institute of Technology Madras hosted a ‘Best from Waste’ programme and Organic Farmers’ Market in the campus today (8th March 2020) to promote ‘Green Living.’ The ‘Best from Waste’ programme witnessed an exhibition of innovative ‘upcycled and recycled’ products. The Organic Farmers’ Market featured the sale of organically-grown provisions and clothes, among other items.

The event was held in partnership with two organizations – Citizen Consumers and Civic Action Group and Organic Farmers’ Market

IIT Madras is also a ‘no-plastic’ zone where all forms of ‘use-and-throw’ plastic products are completely banned as the Institute places emphasis on the use of eco-friendly products.

The stalls at ‘Best from Waste’ featured upcycled bags and fabrics, wooden notebooks, clay bottles, cloth diapers/pads, plastic alternatives, lanterns upcycled from old bottles, puppets made out of socks, cloth bags, and other plastic alternatives, bamboo brushes, toothpowder, wooden combs, plastic-free toys, copper utensils, vegetable and flower seeds and organic compost, among many other such items. The ‘Best from Waste’ and Farmers’ Market were held at the Ladies’ Club.

Speaking about unique aspects of this event being held on campus for the first time, Dr. Jane Prasad, Registrar, IIT Madras, said, “This initiative is an attempt to sensitise all the students and residents on campus on the ill-effects of plastic use and the need for adopting an environment-friendly lifestyle for a sustainable future.”

Further, Prof V.R. Muraleedharan, Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, IIT Madras, said, “The produce sold at the Organic Farmers’ Market included a wide variety of locally-grown rice, cereals, millets, pulses, oils, spices, sweeteners, honey, dry-fruits and beverages, among others.”

Attendees were advised to bring their own carry bags and containers as an eco-friendly measure to avoid the use of plastic bags by the vendors.

IIT Madras has laid a major emphasis on eco-friendly similar initiatives towards an ecologically responsible campus by implementing an array of eco-friendly and sustainable initiatives. From waste segregation at the source to a sophisticated Sewage Treatment Plant, the Institute has taken up wide-ranging steps in this regard.