IIT Madras-incubated EdTech StartUp ExcelOn Academy Launches ‘Smart Test Series’ for UPSC Aspirants

Chennai: IIT Madras-incubated EdTech StartUp ExcelOn Academy has launched a data-driven ‘Smart Test Series’ to help UPSC Aspirants clear the preliminary examinations. It offers around 4,200 UPSC-quality questions, which are complemented by a data-driven analysis for each aspirant for every single test they take. The graphical and intuitive feedback is at the level of a chapter number of a book for static questions and the exact newspaper link in case of current affairs questions.

The Algorithm, developed by ExcelOn Academy provides granular analysis of strong and weak areas based on candidates’ test performance. This will enable precise revision for maximum impact. ExcelOn Academy is offering four tests covering static, current affairs and CSAT, along with its 3 levels of test analysis, free of cost to all UPSC aspirants.

Further, ExcelOn Academy is also offering all its four modules with 4200 questions and 3 levels of analysis, free of cost for 20 candidates from economically weaker background. The details of the criteria can be obtained by writing to info@excelonacademy.com.

The Smart Test Series can be accessed at the following link – https://www.excelonacademy.com/modules . More than 5000 civil service aspirants are already using Excelon Academy’s services for their preparations from Prelims 2020 onwards.

ExcelOn Academy has been co-founded by Mr. T. Uday Kumar, an IIT Madras Alumnus who cleared UPSC Indian Engineering Service 2000 in his first attempt, and Mr. Muthu Kumar Raju, a U.S.-based tech entrepreneur specialising in building cutting-edge technology platforms for start-ups and aspiring businesses. ExcelOn Academy has been incubated by IIT Madras Incubation Cell.

Elaborating on the unique points of the ‘Smart Test Series,’ Mr. T. Uday Kumar, Co-founder, ExcelOn Academy, who has several years of experience in coaching civil service aspirants, said, “In a traditional test series, while the focus is justifiably on mimicking the Prelims standards, what is completely missing is the focus on the aspirant, her/his individual learning patterns, challenges, strengths/weakness. The traditional test series score is only an indicator of performance as good/average/bad as a whole. But this by itself is not an actionable insight for the aspirant.”

Further, Mr. Uday Kumar said, “For a sincere aspirant, many of the questions still remain unanswered even after taking test series. For e.g., – what areas with-in a subject am I weak? Am I spending too much time on few questions and still getting them wrong? Is selective revision really possible? If so, on what basis should I do that? Am I falsely confident in certain areas? In his quest to get these questions answered, the aspirant looks ‘outwards’, while what he actually needs to do is to ‘look inwards’, which the Smart Test Series facilitates.”

The ‘Smart Test Series’ is a qualitative leap in this regard. It does not provide generic feedback such as “You need to improve in Polity.” Instead, it provides the aspirant with specific colour-coded (Red, Yellow, Green) feedback such as “You are weak in Fundamental rights, Union executive,” “average in Judiciary” and “strong in centre-State relations”.

In addition, for each of the incorrect and un-attempted question, it points to the chapter number that needs to be studied by the test taker, making selective revision possible. With only a few months left for Prelims 2021, consolidation and selective revision is the key to success.

With a success ratio under 2 per cent, Prelims, the first stage of the three-stage examination of UPSC, has the lowest success rate. Once a candidate clears prelims, the success ratio is much better – 30% at Mains and interview stage. Therefore, Prelims evokes apprehensions even among hard-working and sincere aspirants. However, just taking as many test series as possible is not a guarantee for clearing Prelims. Many times, taking many test series can set an aspirant on a wild goose chase as he ends up reading and memorising a lot of irrelevant facts without leading to favourable results in prelims.

The Smart Test Series is an attempt to tackle this and help aspirants prepare smarter.

Explaining further, Mr. Muthu Kumar Raju, Co-founder, ExcelOn Academy, said, “Knowing the fact that the preparation itself takes a couple of years, we have taken a conscious step of allowing 3 attempts per test and keeping the validity till Jun 2022 so that they can utilise the benefits till Prelims 2022. We are passionate about innovation and making technology accessible to all – especially to the next-gen leaders & aspirants from rural India”

Aspirants can reach the founders with specific questions at info@excelonacademy.com.


Mr. Amala Advin, who secured All India Rank #658 in UPSC held in 2017 and Rank #62 in Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission Examination (Group-I) in 2019, said, “I attended ExcelOn Academy’s online test. The questions were on par with UPSC standards covering all major concepts. They were simple but tricky, on par with UPSC standards. Feedback was amazing, it points out the weak and strong areas by name. Level 2 feedback was really amazing.”

Ms. Aswathy Jiji, who cleared the UPSC prelims in 2020 (Mains results awaited) said, “I took a few tests on the ExcelOn Academy and I am delighted to share my experience

Ø Option to strike off the answers gives the real exam feel.

Ø A few blind spots such as marking the wrong answer despite spending considerable time were captured.

Ø Areas for improvement suggested were indeed my weak points.

I am looking forward to attempting as many tests as possible on this platform. Thank you, Uday sir.”


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