IIT Madras Prof Kamakoti has been appointed to head this Taskforce on Artificial Intelligence

Chennai: The Taskforce on the Artificial Intelligence for economic development, constituted by the Government of India, has invited public opinions.

Indian Institute of Technology Madras announces the launch of a website (http://aitf.org.in) to aid the Task Force in collecting public opinion. The website has a link through which the public and industry can record their suggestions and opinions for consideration by the Task Force.

The Commerce Ministry, Government of India, had constituted this Task Force in August 2017 chaired by Prof. V Kamakoti, Reconfigurable Intelligent Systems Engineering (RISE) Laboratory, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, IIT Madras, to explore possibilities to leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) for development across various fields.

Speaking about the functions of the taskforce, Prof. Kamakoti said, “Understanding AI is not limited to understanding its underlying technology but its deployment and its impact. To this effect, the opinion of end-users, namely, the public and the industry, will be of great value to the task force”.

The Mission of this taskforce include leveraging Artificial Intelligence for the Economic Benefit of the country; Creation of a policy and a legal framework to accelerate deployment of AI technologies; and a Concrete 5-year horizon recommendations for specific Government, Industry and Research programs.

The Domains of Focus for this taskforce include Manufacturing, Fintech, Healthcare, Agriculture/Food Processing, Education and Retail/Customer Engagement to Human and Robot interaction/intelligent automation, UIDAI/Big Data, Environment and National Security.

Further the taskforce will also look at Enablers for AI Technology development/entrepreneurship/ product commercialization and General/other issues related to AI.