IIT Madras RBCDSAI launches Industrial Consortium to support AI Industries

RBCDSAI Consortium Membership is an opportunity for Industry to establish themselves early as key players in Data Science and Al, with the potential to secure new and significant revenue streams

CHENNAI : Indian Institute of Technology Madras Robert Bosch Centre for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (RBCDSAI) is launching the ‘RBCDSAI Industrial Consortium’ to provide information resources support on cutting-edge technologies to industries working on Artificial Intelligence.

The consortium will enable the industries members to learn about the scientific developments and latest trends in AI and Data science through broad-based interaction with the Centre and its faculty members and access to the events and workshops organized by RBCDSAI.

RBCDSAI Consortium Membership is an opportunity for the members to establish themselves early as key players in the Data Science and Al space, with the potential to secure new and significant revenue streams.

Highlighting the benefits of ‘RBCDSAI Industrial Consortium,’ Prof. Balaraman Ravindran, Mindtree Faculty Fellow and Head, RBCDSAI, IIT Madras, said, “There is a lot of high-quality AI research happening at RBCDSAI. The idea is to use this industrial consortium as a means to disseminate the output of our research to industry partners quickly so that we can work together towards their application in the field.”

The consortium membership will also facilitate enhanced interaction with the RBCDSAI research ecosystem and help develop a specialised workforce that can benefit member companies. It will also act as a forum that leverages synergistic capabilities of the eventual users, solution providers, solution platform developers and academicians.

Currently, the Centre offers two membership plans to the interested industries: Platinum and Silver. Both the membership plans will enable priority access to four RBCDSAI events – Colloquia, quarterly workshops, industry conclave and annual research showcase. Also, the centre will organize two special half-day workshops on their voted topic of interest from a slate for its members.

The platinum members will additionally have a dedicated in-domain contact faculty at the Centre for close interaction to seek suggestions on their industry’s plans, will get to exclusively interact with the students to know more about their research and have early access to RBCDSAI publications, reports, datasets and other research material.

Presently, Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions Pvt Ltd, Wells Fargo International Solutions Private Ltd, Mindtree Ltd and Tredence Analytics Solutions Pvt Ltd are the platinum members while Kantar Analytics Practice is a silver member.

RBCDSAI is one of India’s preeminent interdisciplinary research centres for Data Science and AI, with 28 faculty spanning ten departments of IIT Madras working on various aspects and applications of AI.

The Centre researches on a wide range of fundamental topics such as deep learning, network analytics, reinforcement learning, Natural language processing, theoretical machine learning, Ethics, Fairness and Explainability in AI.

The Centre also undertakes applied research in multiple verticals such as financial analytics, manufacturing analytics, smart cities, systems biology and healthcare.