IIT Madras Records Increase in Pre-Placements Offers for 2021-22

A robust Summer Internship Process has resulted in as many as 227 PPOs already being made this Academic Year, compared with 186 offers during entire 2020-21

CHENNAI : Indian Institute of Technology Madras Students have registered a strong performance in Pre-Placement this academic year with the offers increasing during 2021-22. A robust summer internship process, which the Institute conducted completely in online mode, helped connect the Industry and students and drove up the Pre-Placement Offers (PPOs).

As many as 227 PPOs (as on 5th November 2021) have been made to IIT Madras students during the 2021-22 Academic Year as against 186 offers during the entire 2020-21 Academic Year. The PPOs will continue to be made till the commencement of Phase I of Campus Placements, which is scheduled for 1st December 2021.

A major factor behind this performance in PPOs is the strong internship programme of the institute. This process facilitates students to intern in companies and leads to PPOs. The constant increase in PPOs is the result of excellent performance of students during their internships.

Explaining the factors behind the increase in PPOs this year, Prof. C. S. Shankar Ram, Advisor (Training and Placement), IIT Madras, said, “The Internship process provides a good opportunity for companies to evaluate our students who intern with them over an extended period of time. It also helps our students to learn more about the company, the roles that they may be offered and potential career prospects. PPOs are a natural outcome of this interaction that is a win-win for both companies and students. We are happy to note the continuing strong performance of our students in this regard and hope to extend this to Phase-I placements.”


YEAR 2016-17 2017-18 2018-19 2019-20 2020-21 2021-22
PPOs 73 114 135 170 186 227*

(*As on 5th Nov 2021)

Highlighting the importance of Internships to Campus Placements in IIT Madras, Prof. Sathyan Subbiah, Advisor (Internships), IIT Madras, said, The internship process transforms the student from class-room ready to real-world placement ready. The internship office continues its intended role in this transformation by linking companies with students early on, giving them a chance to test each other, while also meeting curricular needs. Shaped by curricular and extra-curricular experiences at IIT Madras, our students are excelling in their internships. This has given enough confidence in the companies leading to pre-placement offers.”

Chart representation of sector-wise PPOs during 2021-22:

In the ongoing academic year, the Core Engineering and R&D sectors accounted for most of the PPOs till date. The major recruiters are Qualcomm, Microsoft, Honeywell, Texas Instruments and Goldman Sachs.

The Top Five Companies that made highest number of PPOs include

2021-22 No. of PPOs
Qualcomm 18
Microsoft 14
Honeywell 13
Texas Instruments 12
Goldman Sachs 10

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