IIT Madras Scholar wins Gandhian Young Technological Innovation 2017 Award


Students also bag several GYTI Appreciations given to celebrate the spirit of student innovation in engineering, science and technology

Chennai: Students and Research Scholars of Indian Institute of Technology Madras have won several laurels at Gandhian Young Technological Innovation (GYTI) Awards 2017.

Dr. Vikram Singh, former Research Scholar in the Department of Chemistry, IIT Madras, won the BIRAC GYTI Award for his project ‘White Light Emission from Vegetable Extracts’ (http://gyti.techpedia.in/project-detail/white-light-emission-from-vegetable-extracts/7414). He was guided by Prof. Ashok Kumar Mishra, Professor, Department of Chemistry, IIT Madras.

Prof. Ashok Kumar Mishra, Department of Chemistry, explains, “Plants are rich sources of many classes of molecules that absorb light and emit in the visible wavelength ranges. Our reported work shows that judicious choice of such molecules can provide cheap and environment-friendly sources of white light emission systems. This is essentially a ‘proof of concept’ work and further research is necessary to address the issues of molecular/material stability and device compatibility”.

Dr. Vikram Singh says, “Receiving the prestigious GYTI Award at Rastrapati Bhawan was a big honour for me and I am delighted. I will be using the Rs 15 lakh award grant to continue my research on white light emitting material from plant sources. I plan to research on RGB Emitting Carbon Quantum Dots from Vegetables/Fruits extract”.

The BIRAC-SRISTI award for biotechnological/medical/healthcare innovation is given to a technology having the potential to reach the masses and/or address a felt social need or making it extremely affordable compared to the available solution. Up to fifteen of the selected innovations may be given a grant of Rs.15 lakh each and another hundred ideas may be granted Rs. 1 lakh each for taking the idea forward.

Several students also won GYTI appreciation awards. They include: