IIT Mandi set for another year of Strong Placements in 2018-19


Mandi: Indian Institute of Technology(IIT) Mandi is set for another year of strong placements. The total number of companies registered for Phase I Placements has gone up to 45 (as of 22nd November 2018), compared to 34 in the preceding year.

As many as 78 students have already been placed as on date (22nd November 2018) compared to 86 during 2017-18 Academic Year. Of these, 17 students got placed through Pre-Placement Offers, which are the result of internships in companies/firms converting to job offers. This includes two international PPOs made this year (2018-19).

All 17 students have accepted the PPOs. The total number of companies that gave PPOs during 2018-19 was 10 compared to seven in 2017-18. The prominent sectors in which PPOs were made during 2018-19 are Software Development and Analytics.

Speaking about the placement strategies, Dr. Varun Dutt, Advisor, Career and Placement Cell, IIT Mandi, said, “We are hosting separate drives for Core and Information Technology (IT) branches. This separation helping the students to better decide which companies to sit for and hence reducing overlaps. This year, we are keeping the placement process longer per company to give more time to companies to conduct their process, reducing stress on students. Furthermore, we are also inviting non-core companies to provide more opportunities to students.”

The number of students sitting and eligible for placements in 2018-19 is 110, compared to 99 students in 2017-18. Around 10 per cent of students usually prefer to go for Civil Service Examinations and opt out of placements. A few other also go for higher studies or pursue startup/business opportunities.

Some of the companies that offered PPOs at IIT Mandi during 2018-19 include Goldman Sachs Group, the top PPO recruiter with four PPOs, Amazon.com, Microsoft Corporation, Siemens, Samsung Delhi, SMS Datatech, Tonichi Insatsu, Truring , MAQ and Wipro Limited.

As of now, 45 companies have already registered for this years (2018-19) placements with more companies expected in Phase Two, which will start in mid February 2019.

The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) has also made two Offers to IIT Mandi students during 2018-19. Top International recruiter for 2018-19 is SMS Datatech, Japan.

Many companies are coming to IIT Mandi for the first time this year. They include Tork motor cycles, SMS data tech, Domino data tech, Sapient, Shopx, Assanjob, Yodlee, Cortex, Optiver and Global design arena.

In the 2017-18 placement season, 58 companies visited the campus at Kamand, which was the highest ever at the Institute till now. Among these companies more than 83 per cent were core companies.

Some Facts and Figures About IIT Mandi Placements

Ø Company that recruited the maximum number of students and the number of offers that company made

2017-18: Amazon (11 offers)

2018-19: L&T ECC (8 offers) (as on 22nd November 2018)

Ø Total no. of international offers

2017-18: 0

2018-19: 3 (Two PPOs & One on campus) (as on 22nd November 2018)

Ø Departments/profiles that have seen major hiring

2017-18: IT and Analytics

2018-19: Software development and Business analyst

Ø Sector-wise break-up of Placements (such as core, non-core and so on)

2017-18: CSE 46/46 students placed (100% core) EE 24/29students placed (42% core), ME 16/24 (87% core)

2018-19: CSE 54/59 students placed (100% core) EE 8/16 students placed (38%core job) ME 8/19 students placed (100% core job) CE 8/16 students placed (87.5% core)