IIT Mandi Tech Incubator ‘Catalyst’ invites Applications for Himalayan Innovation Challenge 2019

Mandi: Indian Institute of Technology Mandi’s Technology Business Incubator ‘Catalyst’ is inviting applications from, startups, innovators and aspiring entrepreneurs for Himalayan Innovation Challenge, which aims to encourage entrepreneurs to develop technology solutions for problems unique to the Himalayan Region. The Event will be on 25th and 26th May 2019 and the last date to apply through the website – http://www.iitmandi.ac.in/Catalyst/HIC/ – is 10th May 2019.

The Himalayan innovation challenge (HIC) is an initiative of IIT Mandi Catalyst to actuate a series of innovative technology-based solutions designed specifically to solve social and economic problems in the Himalayan region. It will bring together a range of individuals and organizations that care about building such solutions and are willing to ideate, deliberate, debate and innovate to this end.

IIT Mandi Catalyst will pick handful of most feasible ideas and enable willing innovators / entrepreneurs in prototyping, testing and implementing to create an impact in Himalayan region. A total prize money of Rs. 1 lakh will be distributed to top ideas and incubation support will be offered that will include Rs. 16 lakh worth of grant and investment from IIT Mandi Catalyst.

Speaking about the importance of this event to the Himalayan Region, Dr. Puran Singh, Faculty In-charge, Catalyst, said, “The event invites ideas for a range of thematic areas that are relevant to Himalayas such as agriculture, waste management, climate change, renewable energy, road safety, disaster management, healthcare and many other areas relating to inclusive rural development.”

Further, Dr. Puran added, “It is notable that Catalyst, in the last two years, has supported more than 30 startups of which 16 have been from the State of Himachal Pradesh. Of these, four startups have progressed into commercialization phase. These startups have generated employment and internship opportunities for more than 80 individuals. Catalyst has disbursed over Rs. 1 crore grant and investments to startups in past 2 years.”

During HIC 2019, innovative technological solutions/ideas for social or economic problems in Himalayan region will be presented by individuals/teams/startups that have a clear and stated intention to build and implement the said solutions in a time-lined manner. Innovators and to-be entrepreneurs/established entrepreneurs can find the missing partners/collaborators to build the solutions relevant for Himalayan region.

IIT Mandi Catalyst will commit financial and active mentoring support to individuals/teams/startups that bring forth promising ideas and commit to implementing them on the ground.

Catalyst aims to create impact in a range of relevant areas that bear importance for Himalayan region. There are three tracks in which ideas can be submitted:

Ø Track I: Resources and Sustainability: Natural resource management, Renewable and clean energy, Climate change, Waste management, other relevant themes

Ø Track II: Disaster Management and Safety: Disaster prevention, mitigation and management, Road safety, other relevant themes

Ø Track III: Agriculture, healthcare and inclusive growth: Agriculture, biotechnology, Inclusive healthcare, Financial inclusion, any other area with strong application in Himalayan region

Corporates and non-profit organizations interested in collaborating for/funding the technological initiatives in Himalayan region can take part in the event. Further information about the event can be obtained by emailing at: [email protected]

Away from pollution, long commute, noise and other big-city problems, IIT Mandi Catalyst offers a low-cost, peaceful and yet high end destination to early stage startups. Catalyst, a Technology Business Incubator (TBI), in town Mandi in Himachal Pradesh aims to support budding entrepreneurs who intend to develop innovations that would shape the world of tomorrow.

Through its support programs, Catalyst nurtures and guides early stage entrepreneurial

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