IIT Palakkad Technology IHub Foundation launches `i-Skill` initiative to train India’s Workforce in Cyber-Physical Systems, targeting Two Million Youth by 2030


PALAKKAD : IIT Palakkad Technology IHub Foundation (IPTIF), a Section-8 company established by IIT Palakkad with Rs. 100 crore support from the Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of India, is providing a reliable platform for technology-based start-ups and entrepreneurs. This company was established to attract available nationwide potential and harness expertise, fostering class research innovation, technology and product development.

IPTIF has launched the ‘i-Skill’ initiative to train India’s Workforce in Cyber-Physical systems. The foundation is targeting training Two Million Youth under this this initiative by 2030. i-Skill is an umbrella skill development initiative by IPTIF covering a series of programs.

The main aim of i-Skill is to empower the youth of the country with adequate skills to enable their employment in technological sectors, to improve productivity, and capacity building to prepare them for the evolving Cyber-Physical Systems technologies.

Highlighting the unique aspects of the ‘i-Skill’ initiative, Dr Albert Sunny, Director, IPTIF and Project Director TIH ICS, said, “With the evolution of Cyber-Physical Systems technologies globally, India requires interdisciplinary knowledge resources to develop cross-cutting fusion technology resources. In this context, IPTIF is taking the initiative to prepare the country to solve important problems through technological advances by introducing a pan India initiative aimed at competent resources with a diploma or higher to develop technical skills.”

As part of this initiative, IPTIF’s Skill Development Ready Centers (i-SDRC) will be established in Engineering, Arts and Science Colleges besides Industrial Training Institutes across all districts of India to offer state-of-the-art multidisciplinary training and capacity building programs for next-generation technocrats, engineers, and scientists. To become an IPTIF Skill Development Ready Centers (i-SDRC), apply through this link: https://tinyurl.com/i-SDRC

Speaking about the targets set out under the ‘i-Skill’ initiative, Mr Harilal Bhaskar, General Manager, IPTIF, said, “By implementing Skill Development Ready Centers SDRC across India, IPTIF is focusing on ‘Study/Work-near-home’ concept. With the evolution of Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) technologies globally, India requires people with interdisciplinary knowledge in software and hardware development. In this context, IPTIF aims to equip the country’s workforce to meet the demands of the upcoming technological revolution in CPS. We also explore and generate equal opportunity to acquire technology-based skills among rural youth and Bridging the digital divide.”

Elaborating on some outcomes envisaged in the Medium and Long Term, Dr Albert Sunny Director, IPTIF said, “We are expecting to train 10 lakh youth in the medium and 2 million in the long term.”

As the inaugural program of the i-Skill initiative. IPTIF is glad to launch a bootcamp on Python for Data Science curated and mentored by Dr Satyajit Das, Assistant Professor, IIT Palakkad.

Python is a world-widely accepted programming language known for its versatility. Hence, it is widely used today in almost every industry, especially in the scientific realm for web development, machine learning, data science, AI, astronomy, robotics, neuroscience, pharmacology, business to name a few. Python is a fast-growing programming language that is easy to work with and integrate systems more effectively. In addition, it’s extremely scalable and great for prototyping. Most of the world’s largest companies today, such as Google, Netflix, Amazon, and Quora operate on Python.

This bootcamp will be covered in 12 hours over a weekend. The training material will include video, audio, PowerPoint presentations and reading materials, among others. The Python for Data Science course consists of four modules which include context from basics of Python to Data visualization. The course aims to impart substantial knowledge on Python and how to use it effectively for Data Science. To register for this bootcamp visit https://iptif.tech/IPTIF-B-2021-001. This bootcamp will be available only in offline mode at IPTIF’s Skill Development Ready Centers (i-SDRC). Upon successful completion, a course completion certificate will be issued by IPTIF.

Important Dates

Ø Application open: 8th December 2021

Ø Application closes: 15th December 2021

Ø The tentative schedule of the bootcamp: 9 am- 5 pm on 18th & 19th December 2021


Ø There is a limited number of seats and candiates selected for this bootcamp will be required to pay a fee Rs 500/-. Note that registration will not imply automatic selection.

Who Can Apply?

Ø Indian citizen currently residing in India

Ø Applicants should have graduated 12th/PUC. Preference will be given to those who have completed ITI / Diploma.

Visit IPTIF’s website https://iptif.tech/ to know more. For any further enquiries email office@iptif.tech or call on 91 88952064