IIT Roorkee 3rd day Annual Tech Fest kick-off

Roorkee : IIT Roorkee hosts Cognizance 2021, the first online edition of the Institute’s Annual Technical Festival and India’s most prominent technical festivals. Cognizance 2021 carries forward the legacy of uniting the nation’s brightest minds for an encore at the 3-day tech-tactic invigorating gala from April 16th – 18th, 2021. Albeit this time being held virtually due to COVID, the participants’ spirits and zeal have indeed been at their zenith. The technical festival has a plethora of events to offer.

The third-day Cognizance major events included Codathon and the Ganga Action Plan, the climax of the fest was the event named Quizzing at Cognizance, hosted by the renowned quiz master Kushal Patel. The plan execution for Ganga Action was covered in the case study discussion as well as Artificial Intelligence made Robotics. IIT students shared their ideologies and different thought planning such as recycling of electronic waste, utilizing the help of robotics to make sewage pipelines clean and maintained. One of the panellists, Arsh gave an idea to launch the ‘Nirmal Ganga’ App which will help to reduce the pollution in river Ganga and gather information required in development for executing Ganga Action Plan.


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