IIT Roorkee Alumnus invents India’s first Chess for Three Players


Roorkee: An Indian Institute of Technology Alumnus has reinvented how the chess game is played by developing a Three-player chess game board. Mr. Aditya Nigam,(B. Tech) 2014 batch, has brought this unique experience through his gaming start-up for the first time to his alma mater.

Called ‘Triwizard Chess,’ this is India’s first chess for three Players and is a strategy game that tests one’s survival and killer instincts, at once. One player can checkmate two players at a single time!!

Founder acquired the motivation to build this start-up after he tasted success in his first venture. The founder has always worn different hats in his start-up ventures including handling marketing, technology and operations domain. His vision is to revolutionize the gaming industry and Triwizard Chess is his first product in this direction.

IIT Roorkee hosted a Chess tournament featuring this Triwizard Chess on 18th and 19th August 2018 in which more than 100 contestants participated. The Participants were all IIT Roorkee Students, with mixed variety of Chess Experience, ranging from beginners to advanced.

The first prize was given to Nitin Kumar, followed by second prize to Amit Bendkhale and third to Vivek Verma. The Chief Guest for the occasion was Prof. Vinay Pant, Chairman, Sports Council, IIT Roorkee.

Speaking about the game, Mr. Nigam said, “Triwizard Chess is simply a chess game but for three players with none of the original rules altered and exact same pieces for each player. This game is of Chess lovers, by Chess lovers, and for Chess lovers. This is my second startup venture and I have been an entrepreneur from more than two years. This has helped me in shaping this startup very well. The user’s response is phenomenal and their feedback has been very encouraging.”

His first startup was financial technology-based app named ‘Passbrook.’ The game gets more intense than regular Chess. It is perfect for classrooms, family days, or even game night with friends. The idea behind this game was to encourage chess among youngsters by increasing the number of players. Through this, the viewer gets to be the player and it changes the entire dynamics of the game. Each of the three players can view each other’s’ moves on the board and likewise make a decision accordingly. Aditya has been playing and practicing chess since he was five years old.

Triwizard chess is not only a game but an art which makes your concentration and focus level high. It even helps you to patiently focus on each and every task. While playing either traditional chess or the Triwizard chess, player needs to have a high amount of concentration and focus. This eventually results in the overall development of an individual.

Mr. Nigam credits his strategic thinking to chess. With three players involved one has to struggle with two minds instead of one. The rules are alike as traditional chess game. The rules follow that white plays first thereafter the next turn comes of grey and later on the black turns clockwise.

A large number of people play chess in professional manner while some take it as hobby. Currently, Triwizard chess cannot be played online. Triwizard chess is available online on Amazon from where you can buy it for Rs 1699. Mr. Nigam also plans to start grooming classes for those who are interested in it.

He will gift Triwizard Chess to the Honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi by this month and he has also tweeted this to him. Three player chess combines all of the infinite varieties of a classic game of chess with an addition of complex psychological elements. Alliances are formed and broken if players so wish. A player must be focused not only on attacking and protecting his/her own pieces but also on the protection of the player threatened by the third one. This nature of conquering and surviving is familiar to all who have played chess.

In the online version that Mr. Nigam plans the players will go head-to-head with the computer and it has so happened in Norway that few years back a teen defeated the computer successfully in record amount of time. The world knows him by the name of Magnus Carlsen, the 13-year-old prodigy who made headlines after defeating a master computer against him.