IIT Roorkee Annual Technical Fest- Cognizance 22 Concludes


Roorkee: IIT Roorkee hosted 3 day Cognizance 2022, Institute’s Annual Technical Festival, and India’s illustrious technical extravaganza. The technical fest offered a plethora of events, which was held in hybrid mode. Cognizance 2022’s theme was ‘Unravelling Enigmas’ which aims to unwind mysterious theories like quantum entanglement. Each day of the three-day festival has been earmarked for guest lectures on pertinent issues, thrilling competitions, and informative workshops on different topics by prestigious companies. Around 2500 colleges had participated and more than 15000 students got registered for different events of Cognizance.

The first day of the fest ended with some great workshops on Deep Learning by Maths work, Robotics Process Automation by UiPath Academic Alliance, and other interesting topics like cryptocurrency and cybersecurity. The event had witnessed various guest lectures by Mohit Saxena (Co-Founder @InMobi), Harjeet Khanduja (Vice president HR Reliance JIO), Sandeep Jain(Founder at GeeksforGeeks), Dr. Heidi B. Hammel(Vice President for Science at AURA).

The second day of Cognizance, the annual tech-fest of IIT Roorkee witnessed exciting events like Techzibition, Product World, Quizzotica, MUN, and departmental events. Cognizance’s exhibition series presented ‘Nino’- an Intelligent Humanoid Robot. Nino is a humanoid that can talk, walk, dance, sing, and play with its innate intelligence. It is built by Sirena Technologies, an emerging robotics company focused on delivering new, world-class products to the market.

Cognizance 2022 last day concluded with exciting competitions like pedalthon, market-o-rama, agrone, privatiza, stubble trouble, and many more. The startup wave of India was visible in the Innowave competition with more than 50 teams sending cognizance of their startup ideas. Innowave was a business plan pitch event where contenders pitched their startup proposals.

Cognizance is not all about its technical events, workshops and guest lecturers but also for the techtainment nights, which had happened straight after two years due to the pandemic. Taking in mind the quote “Who gets the last laugh is all that matters’ ‘Cognizance 2022 invited Harsh Gujral who had made the audience laugh their hearts out for 50 minutes straight.


Cognizance’s Valedictory ceremony was also organized in which Dr. Manish Anand (CEO of TIH, Co-organizer of Cognizance 22) was the chief guest and gave momentum to the event . Apart from the chief guest, Mr M K Barua (Dean of Student Welfare, IIT Roorkee); Mr Anil Kumar Gourishetty( Associate Dean of Students welfare) and Dr Ajanta Goswami (Faculty Advisor of Cognizance 2022) have also come to the valedictory ceremony and facilitated the heads, managers and executives of Cognizance 2022 for their appreciative teamwork and also for their day & night efforts which had resulted in a successful fest.

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