IIT Roorkee, in association with Jindal Stainless, to include an elective course on stainless steel and advanced carbon special steel

Roorkee: IIT Roorkee and Jindal Stainless have recently entered into a long-term association in order to equip the bright and young minds of the country, who are on the verge of stepping into the industry, with full knowledge about stainless steel and advanced carbon special steel. This will include the study of these metals in detail, including the uniqueness of various grades, behavioural and forming characteristics, determination of life cycle cost benefit analysis, and an understanding of the entire gamut of their applications across the globe.

Commenting on this novel initiative, Director, IIT Roorkee, Prof Ajit Kumar Chaturvedi, said that “IIT Roorkee is pleased to enter into a long-term association with Jindal Stainless Ltd on institutionalising a course on stainless steel, whereby, various aspects of the material would be covered in depth in architecture, metallurgy, and materials engineering course curricula.”

Managing Director, Jindal Stainless, Mr Abhyuday Jindal said, “As an industry leader, we take the responsibility of leading India into a stainless future. This initiative hits two targets at once. One, it prepares students to deal with the metal of tomorrow. Two, it ensures that future decision makers choose the best suited material while building infrastructure. As a result, this course will positively affect public safety, environment sustainability, and economic costs in the long run.”

Director, Jindal Stainless, Mr S Bhattacharya added, “Stainless steel is a young and green metal with ample potential for growth. In India, it is still at a nascent stage, with a per capita consumption of 2 kg, as compared to the global average of 6 kg. Here, it is synonymous with cookware and kitchenware, while in more developed economies, the metal is widely used in segments such as architecture-building-construction, automobile-railway-transport, and process industries, among others. By collaborating with the academia, our intent is to drive awareness among the future engineers and architects of the country.”

Today, stainless steel, along with other special steel, is the fastest growing metal globally. As a part of this association, IIT Roorkee has decided to institutionalise a 3 credit elective course on stainless steel and advanced carbon special steel for the 4th year B. Tech and PG students of the Department of Metallurgical & Materials Engineering. The primary objective of the programme is to create awareness about stainless steel and advanced carbon special steel among the graduating students. The duration of this 3 credit elective course will be 3.5 months, with 3 lectures and 1 tutorial schedule per week. The course is expected to commence from July 2019.

Apart from the elective course in Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, Architecture & Planning Department of IIT Roorkee will be introducing courses on stainless steel modules in March 2019. They will be included in core subjects on “Modern World Architecture”, focusing on the history and evolution of stainless steel, uniqueness of its different grades, and a detailed understanding of its entire gamut of applications across the globe, including architecture, building and construction. Added to this are courses on “High Rise Buildings” and “Design Studio” focusing on the advanced technologies being adopted for construction of stainless steel megastructures, with a detailed understanding of its joinery characteristics with other materials.

The course curricula shall also feature a hands-on experience on fabrication with stainless steel in the form of plant visits for the students at various manufacturing units of Jindal Stainless in Hisar and Pathredi in Haryana. These courses will help the graduating students to acquire deep knowledge and experience on stainless steel, and be future ready for the professional world.