Roorkee : Upholding the institution’s legacy of fostering a culture of design and innovation and consistently reinforcing the importance of human-environment engagement through active participation of society, industry and other stakeholders, the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Roorkee has established a new Department of Design (DOD) which has launched two new post-graduate programmes – Masters in Design (Industrial Design) and Masters in Innovation Management (MIM) – commencing academic year 2021-22.

The newly established DOD seeks to create, enhance and disseminate knowledge in the design and innovation domain by inculcating a culture of innovation and creative problem solving as well as imparting design based education to develop systematic design practice. The initiative would place significant emphasis on activities that create commercial opportunities and contribute to the economic growth of the country. To this end, DOD would encourage and facilitate interdisciplinary design-focused education, research and entrepreneurial drives. Further, it would create a Documentation and Archival Repository of Design Innovation Practices which would act as a resource centre housing comprehensive information and knowledge in broad domains of industrial design and innovation management. The department would actively strive to act as a bridge between academia and industry to address societal issues through co-creation efforts and transformation thereof into products of value.

According to Prof. Ajit Kumar Chaturvedi, Director, IIT Roorkee, “I am happy that our Institute has established a new Department of Design which will immediately start offering M. Des. and MIM programs. In this day and age, innovation lead design drives solutions to problems faced by industries and societies across the globe. The early trends show that both the programs have been warmly received by students from across the country”.

Prof. Apurbba Kumar Sharma, Dean, Academic Affairs, IIT Roorkee, said, “Innovation and design must be understood not only as key drivers in terms of organizational or industrial operations and outcomes, but also as vital components to life as a whole – as a way of life and thought. Personal, professional and societal progress would halt in the absence of innovation and modern design. Inclusiveness, sustainability, critical thinking, foresight, environmental and social concerns, willingness to solve problems, and adaptability, among others, form the core of innovation and design applications. DOD, IIT Roorkee seeks to develop these qualities in students so that they shape and pass on to future leaders a novel world view to abide by”.

 Prof. Inderdeep Singh, Head, DOD, IIT Roorkee emphasized the definitive role of innovation and design in the economic growth of a nation. He said, “Innovation and design play a significant role in determining what and how goods and services are produced and purchased, and the amount that is spent in the production thereof. Ultimately, inherent features of such goods and services, in turn characterized by innovation and design elements, determine their value and demand. Thus, it is imperative that innovation and design are seen as core values of business and human activity. DOD is committed to inculcate these values in students so that they become outstanding manufacturers, developers, service-providers and entrepreneurs”.       


Design and innovation are components critical to organizations and industry, and the importance of the two elements extends beyond just commercial operations; the constructs essentially signify inclusion and practical as well as sustainable solutions to problems. Today, design and innovation form the core values of some of the most successful companies across the globe. Indeed, higher-educational institutions around the world are increasingly emphasizing design and innovation as vital domains of knowledge and societal and business activity. Some of the most renowned firms internationally have established work cultures based on continual improvement in innovation and design.

Masters in Design (Industrial Design) at IIT Roorkee seeks to develop world-class professionals capable of designing products that are functional, aesthetic, usable and sustainable. The course, through an interdisciplinary process of teaching and training, aims to provide an engaging environment which in turn fosters creativity and skill. The programme would  expose students to the fundamentals of design and prototyping, design thinking, product-human interface, materials and manufacturing, design methods, visual design, form studies, computer aided design, and design for sustainability. The course structure is largely industry oriented and places significant emphasis on innovation, staying abreast with latest technological advancements, and being prepared for quick and steep futuristic challenges. Career opportunities for graduating students include those in the design industry. design studios and/or setting up an independent design practice.


Innovation management emphases creation and application of knowledge and practices that encourage business expansion, success and growth. Students pursuing the programme study Products Innovation, Services Innovation, Market and Marketing Innovation, Organizational Innovation, Process Innovation and Management and Leadership Innovation. The course emphasizes creative thinking and identifying and capitalizing on new opportunities associated with technology, production of goods and services and domestic and international markets. Underlying values of the programme are – think innovatively for the way ahead, and innovate to stay ahead.  Thus, the programme develops students such that they become capable of initiating, managing and successfully executing projects – skills that the global industry actively covets. Career opportunities for graduates include those in innovation research, brand management, research and development, and entrepreneurship.

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