IIT ROORKEE organized a ‘A three-day international symposium on ‘Antibiotic resistance-One Health Perspective AROHP-2019’

Roorkee :Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee and Association for the promotion of DNA fingerprinting and other DNA technologies organizeda ‘A three-day international symposium on ‘Antibiotic resistance-One Health Perspective AROHP-2019’ from 5th March to 8th March and Hands-on Workshop on “Antimicrobial Resistance – Let’s Get Practical” from March 8 to 11 2019 at Department of Biotechnology.

The symposium aimed to bring together scientists and academicians around the globe involved in antibiotic resistance research in healthcare and environmental settings to take a unified ‘One-healthperspective’ on the problem at hand. Recent research indicated a dynamic flow of antibiotic resistance patterns among patients, communities, livestock and agriculture indicating a far more serious concern. Modern medical interventions like surgery, organ transplants, cancer chemotherapy or even minor accidents and cuts may turn perilous due to looming multidrug resistance (MDR) pandemic pushing us to a post-antibiotic era.

The workshop also includes basic techniques of Antibiotic resistance screening as delineated in NCCLS guidelines, live-dead cell staining, antibiotic uptake assays, Efflux pump mediated antibiotic resistance and many other techniques. The workshop is intended for advanced PhD students, Postdocs and Independent researchers from the fields of medicine, veterinary & environmental sciences, basic researchers etc.

Sharing his thoughts Prof. Ajit Kumar Chaturvedi, Director of IIT Roorkee said “Antimicrobial resistance is becoming a critical health issue globally. The symposium has brought together leading researchers working for AMR under one roof. They can share their research and also identify topics for collaborating on different aspects related to antibiotic resistance”.From IIT Roorkee, Prof. Ranjana Pathania, Prof. Naveen Navani, Prof. Kiran Ambatipudi and Prof Saugata Hazra are acting as coordinators of the Symposium and hands-on workshop.

Many eminent experts and leading researchers like ‘Prof. Eric Brown and Prof. Gerard Wright from McMaster University, Canada; Prof Hanna Kirstie Leiros and Prof. Annette Bayer from UIT, Norway; Prof. Liam Good from Royal Veterinary College, UK, Prof. T Ramamurthy from THSTI and Prof. Amit Ghosh from NICED Kolkata, India shared their views and thoughts on the relevant areas of antibiotic resistance.

The workshop provided extensive training in antibiotic resistance research to the select participants around the country and motivated young researchers to take up antibiotic resistance research independently.