IIT Ropar touches new horizons towards research and collaboration

Ropar: Under the novel scheme to tap global talent, as a part of the VAJRA Scheme, distinguished Professor Christopher Berndt of Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne, Australia visited IIT Ropar and had an interaction with the PhD scholars of the Department of Mechanical Engineering.

With the mandate that the VAJRA faculty will undertake research in S&T priority areas of nation wherein the capability and capacity are needed to be developed. The VAJRA faculty will engage in collaborative research in public funded institutions, Prof. Berndt applauded this ambitious scheme which not only helps institutions to collaborate but also helps research scholars pursuing their doctorate to be exposed to best global practices. Prof. Berndt took the initiative of proposing an interactive session with IIT Ropar students involved in research. The session was organized under IIT Ropar’s Career Development and Corporate Relations Center (CDCRC) lecture series program.

“Vajra Scheme gave us a platform to interact with international Professors and also take their insights on the current ongoing research and the introduction to their research methodologies. Prof. Berndt has provided us valuable inputs on our research, shared ideas on technical written communication which will resonate well with a global audience and shared ideas on technical written communication, and possibility of international collaborations and joint research proposals.”, said S. Gurvinderpal Singh Sodhi, A research scholar in the Department of Mechanical engineering.
IITRopar students expressing their gratitude to Prof. Christopher Berndt, Swinburne University-Australia (VAJRA (Visiting Advanced Joint Research) Faculty at IIT Ropar) for his support and an excellent lecture on professional development.

During the session Prof. Berndt shared his experience on best practices on effective technical communication with the students, and helped students understand the academic and scientific research culture in Australia by answering their queries. The CDCRC lecture session concluded with IIT Ropar students appreciating Prof. Berndt for his taking time and sharing valuable insights.

“It is a distinct pleasure and honor to come to IIT-Ropar as a VAJRA faculty member. I have been very impressed with the many research projects that I reviewed and their very high level of presentation and excellent status of progress. My opinion is that this research has significant prominence and will have good publishable outcomes.

The interactive session with the post graduate students indicated their robust aptitude for ground breaking research. Their questions about research methodology indicated inquiring minds that were steered towards curiosity-driven R&D. One could ask for nothing more within a high achieving academic institution.

I will be continuing my interactions with Ropar staff and students throughout 2018 and into 2019. Thus, this will be a long journey where important research outcomes will be achieved,” said Prof. Berndt.