IKEA India launches BOTANISK, a handmade collection made together with six social entrepreneurs!


BOTANISK is a handmade collection of pots, baskets (and lots more) that adds to the fun of indoor gardening. Seeds of hope are sprouting. Not only from the planting and potting – but also from the thousands of jobs created for people who need it the most.

Hyderabad, March 11, 2020: IKEA, the world’s leading multichannel home furnishings retailer today unveiled a new limited-edition collection named BOTANISK, a handmade collection that adds to the fun of growing your own indoor zen garden.

BOTANISK is a collaboration between IKEA in-house designers and six social entrepreneurs in Thailand, India, Romania and Jordan. These entrepreneurs and social businesses share a common goal: to create jobs for vulnerable groups far from the labour market. Through these partnerships, IKEA is creating employment, empowering more women and showcasing handicraft skills of artisans who may not be part of mainstream economy and creating beautiful products out of sustainably sourced natural materials.

BOTANISK consists of pots, pot hangers, baskets, hanging planters, hand towels, throws, aprons, cushion cover and more, made of natural tactile materials like banana fiber, jute and better cotton, just like the colors, the materials have been picked to reflect the botanical theme. They are items that not only look good but also feel good to touch and use, and do good in the world.

Speaking on this collaboration, Mia Olsson, Communication & Interiors Manager at IKEA India added, “We are delighted to launch BOTANISK in India. The whole collection is made with people in mind. The collection has helped us to create jobs for vulnerable groups far from the labour market. Teaming up with social entrepreneurs is about making a positive change, but also about good business. By co-creating collections, more people have the chance to earn a decent living. And IKEA, tapping into unique handicraft skills, gets to fill the stores with one-of-a-kind products that not only look good, but actually do good too.”

IKEA has collaborated with its two social entrepreneurs in India for this collection, Industree Foundation, a non-profit organisation based in Bengaluru which builds sustainable livelihoods in the creative manufacturing sector and Rangsutra, a non-profit organisation that works to bridge the gap between rural artisans and global consumers in order to develop sustainable livelihoods and revive India’s rich craft heritage.

Industree has worked on the beautiful, handwoven baskets, flatwoven rug, plant pots with handles made of sustainable banana fibers and are priced between INR 199/- to INR 1490/. Rangsutra has created handmade cushion covers, designed together with Syrian seamstresses, they add beautifully to the botanical theme and are priced between INR 699/- to INR 899/.

Ami Patel, Project Lead at Industree Foundation said, “The future is bright. Banana bark is a natural fibre and a material that would be wasted if we didn’t upcycle it. Thanks to the artisans’ skills, we create something beautiful for IKEA and give it an entirely new value. At present Industree Craft creates jobs for around 1050 co-workers, 950 being women basket weavers – a number that is growing. I hope that our partnership with IKEA will grow and expand.”

Sumita Ghose – Founder and Managing Director, Rangsutra, said, “The BOTANISK collection enabled the handloom weavers and women artisans to get the much-needed work in their own villages. We share a common goal with IKEA: to create jobs for vulnerable groups far from the labour market. The artisans feel proud and happy that products made by them are reaching homes across the world.”